'90 Day Fiancé': Colt Admits He Sent Explicit Pics to Multiple Women While Still Dating Jess

Colt says he sent 'inappropriate imagery' to other women online.

Colt was confronted with his bad behavior on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. In a cringe-worthy exchange between him and his girlfriend, Jess, Colt says he sent "inappropriate imagery" to other women online while they were having issues in their long-distance relationship.

During the episode, Jess came down from Chicago to visit Colt in Las Vegas. But right away, the vibe was off during their date at a cat cafe. Eventually, Jess said she had screenshots from eight different women who Colt sent intimate pictures to. Colt then told cameras that he sent "d*ck pics" to other women and that he wasn't proud of his behavior.

He also described the problems he and Jess had after returning from their trip to Brazil to meet her family.

"I've been back from Brazil for a few weeks now, and it's been rocky for Jess and I," he said. "Things ended OK in Brazil, but ever since our fight about me still being friends with Vanessa, Jess does not trust me. And because we're back being long-distance, it's gone from bad to worse. We fight almost every day, and we've broken up a few times. Even though I have no idea where Jess and I stand, I really want to try to salvage this relationship because I still love her."

"I've been very sad about what has happened between Jess and I," he continued. "And one of the times Jess and I broke up, I was lonely, so I started to talk to other women. Our relationship has not been easy."

After Jess sarcastically taunted Colt about sending explicit pictures to other women, Colt told cameras he was scared she was going to try to "humiliate" him in public, so he rushed to take her to his home.

"I'm mortified, honestly," he admitted. "While I was talking to these other women online, I sent them d**ck pics. I'm ashamed of myself."

Still, they continued to argue in the car. Colt told Jess that all she does is insult him and that he didn't even know if they were together or not when he sent the pictures, seeing as they blocked one another on social media. Jess said that he blocked her first and that he needs a doctor because all he does is lie.

The two eventually went back to his home that he shares with his mom, Debbie -- who also has her issues with Jess, due to the fact that she thinks she's using him for a green card -- and Jess had no issues fighting in front of her. She even asked her if she wanted to see her son's explicit pics.

"No, I don't want to see anything," she awkwardly said as Colt told her to go upstairs to give them privacy.

"Eight girls in one month," Jess also angrily told Colt. "F**k you."

Meanwhile, Colt took full responsibility for his actions.

"I've been bad to you," he acknowledged to Jess. "I'm sorry for hurting you. I know you hate me. I haven't been a very good boyfriend."

Colt told cameras he was "devastated" that he hurt Jess but that all he could do was be honest with her even if their relationship was over. But as the episode came to a close, he dropped one more bombshell on Jess -- that his friend, Vanessa, whom she's extremely jealous over to the point where she previously attacked him after finding out he was still in contact with her -- is actually now living with him and his mom. During last week's episode, Debbie explained that she invited Vanessa to move in with them after she had been having a hard time with her divorce and needed a place to stay.

Jess was in disbelief, and in a preview of next Sunday's episode, she meets up with Colt's ex-wife, Larissa. Larissa previously warned Jess to stay away from Colt for her own good.

ET spoke with both Colt and Debbie in July, and they talked about Larissa's comments about them on the show, including calling Colt a "demon" and calling Debbie "insane." Despite the harsh words, Colt and Debbie said they still feel "neutral" toward Larissa and don't wish her any ill will.

"I just feel like she has a lot of problems with me -- a lot -- and I don't know why, exactly," Colt said. "We never really had that resolution, but at this point, I don't even know if that even matters."

"She can say whatever she wanted to say about me ... I don't think there's anything that she can say to me at this point that would make me happy or sad or anything," he continued. "I wish there was. I wish I could say stuff to her to make her feel better, but at this point, I don't feel like there's any words that could satisfy any of us."

As for Debbie, she said that she actually would choose Larissa over Jess. Watch the video to see her explain why.