'90 Day Fiancé': David Defends Lana Staying on Dating Sites Despite Their Engagement

David's relationship with his Ukrainian girlfriend, Lana, both astonished and confused his fellow castmates.

David's relationship with his Ukrainian girlfriend, Lana, both astonished and confused his fellow 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4 castmates during part two of the tell-all, which aired Monday night on TLC.

This season followed 60-year-old David's extreme efforts to meet his online girlfriend, 27-year-old Lana, whom he's been communicating with for seven years. David and Lana chat through a website David pays for, which he said has cost him thousands of dollars. But all four times David went to Ukraine to finally meet her in person, she had an excuse or just stood him up. Finally, on his fifth visit to see her, she showed up to meet him to the shock of his close friends and viewers alike, who didn't believe she was real.

Still, viewers doubted Lana's intentions, given that she admitted to having multiple profiles on different dating sites and talking to other men aside from David. Her body language also appeared distant, and she barely made time for David despite his limited time in Ukraine before returning to Las Vegas. But David said he was in love with Lana, and presented her with an iPhone so that it would be easier for them to communicate and asked her to get off of the dating sites. Lana reluctantly agreed, and when David ended up proposing to her at the last minute at the airport before catching his flight, she also agreed, though she looked far from excited.

David attempted to connect with Lana online during the tell-all, but she didn't answer. Much to the shock of David's castmates, David revealed during the tell-all that although he and Lana are still engaged, she is still on the dating sites. When questioned about how this could be given that she's no longer single, David said that Lana had trouble using an iPhone because of her nails, so she couldn't get off the dating sites.

At this point, Ed and Usman openly laughed at David's incredulous answer. Ed said that he was getting scammed, and David threatened to quit the tell-all if Ed continued riling him up. David also continued to defend Lana remaining on dating sites by saying that these men were her only friends, and that she uses the sites as an "escape" from her life in Kiev.

Later, host Shaun Robinson was shocked when David admitted that Lana is actually far from the only Ukrainian woman he's tried to connect with. David said that back in the '90s, before the dating websites, he used to receive catalogs in the mail with pictures of Ukrainian women and if he liked any of them, he could invite them to a "social" and travel to Ukraine to meet them. David said he's been to Ukraine over 20 times to meet women, and estimates that he's talked to over 1,000 women. He said he's spent $300,000 to a quarter of a million dollars in total over the years but didn't regret it, calling it an "amazing adventure."

Robinson then brought back 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 3 star Caesar to talk about David, given that Caesar had a similar storyline. Caeser's friends doubted his Ukrainian girlfriend, Maria, was real, until she showed up at the end of his season. Caesar said he had spent thousands of dollars on Maria, but Maria openly said during the season 3 tell-all that she didn't love Caesar and wanted him to move on from her. When asked for his opinion, Caeser said that while he believed David and Lana's relationship was real, if she cared about him, she would eventually get off of the dating sites because both he and David know that the sites allow both the men and women to talk to hundreds of people if they wanted to. In a shocking admission, David said he had actually connected with Maria five years ago -- at the time Caesar was virtually dating her -- but that he found her too "high-maintenance" and moved on after a 30-minute conversation.

Meanwhile, when asked about the future of his and Lana's relationship, David said that he last spoke to her online six days ago but that they were "not together." This confused his castmates, given that he said they were still engaged. David said that he didn't know where he and Lana stood but that she did say to him that she wanted "a simple life" with him with a "white picket fence" and "traveling around in an RV."

Meanwhile, for more on part one of the tell-all, watch the video below:


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