'90 Day Fiancé': Deavan's Mom Says She Will 'Kill' Jihoon Over Granddaughter Drascilla

It's safe to say that Jihoon is no longer on good terms with his mother-in-law, Elicia.

It's safe to say that Jihoon is no longer on good terms with his mother-in-law, Elicia. Elicia had an emotional conversation with Jihoon on Monday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, after a scary incident involving her 3-year-old granddaughter, Drascilla.

During last week's episode, Elicia was coming around to Jihoon after he pledged to be more responsible when it comes to his wife, Deavan, and their family, which includes their 1-year-old son, Taeyang. Deavan's daughter, Drascilla, is from her previous relationship. Although Deavan had a disastrous start to her new life living in Korea to be with Jihoon due to him lying about his finances, he promised to do better, and both Elicia and Jihoon's parents agreed to back off when it comes to getting involved in their relationship.

But everything changed just minutes later when, as the group was leaving the park after their discussion, Jihoon, who was in charge of watching Drascilla, let her run off towards the street. A panicked Deavan told him to run after her, and he turned around and told her not to yell at him. Eventually, he sprinted to get Drascilla, though Elicia got to her first.

The incident enraged Elicia and Deavan, who noted that Jihoon was more concerned about telling Deavan to stop yelling at him than making sure Drascilla was safe. For his part, an already stressed Jihoon was upset at the way Deavan was treating him, noting to cameras that although he wasn't Drascilla's biological father, he loved her and treated her like she was his own.

Eventually, Jihoon once again found himself apologizing to Deavan, though she was unmoved when he broke down in tears and asked her if she ever once thought about how he was feeling.

"Nothing is Jihoon's fault, it's always everyone else's fault," she said. "So, I have no sympathy for him when he cries in front of me."

She also asked him if he wanted to be a single man.

"All of the actions you have shown shows me you don't want a family life," she told him. "If you want to have your freedom, you can have your freedom."

Jihoon said that she was most important to him and promised to be a better dad. However, his strong-willed mom was ready to intervene when she saw her son crying, though he begged her not to. Jihoon's mom told cameras she was worried that her son would continue to be "belittled" in his marriage to Deavan.

Of course, Jihoon's mom wasn't the only in-law to get involved in the emotional situation. When Jihoon later attempted to apologize to Elicia, she bluntly told him that she didn't accept his apology and that him continuously saying sorry wasn't cutting it anymore.

"So you think saying 'so sorry' is gonna be great when I'm scraping Drascilla off the goddamn street?," Elicia told him, fighting back tears. "Dude, your tears mean nothing to me. Drascilla is everything to me. I have protected her and her mom, and you made a promise. You promised you would take after them. You promised, dude, like five f**king minutes beforehand, and you let her run towards a street in Korea."

"No, I really love her," she continued. "And what you did, you betrayed everything. She is 3 years old. Imagine your son was 3 years old, and he took off, running down that street. And you were halfway down this street, and you yell at me, 'Taeyang, get Taeyang!,' And I turn around and say 'Don't yell at me,' as your son is running towards cars. How would you feel? I don't think you know. I think it's a game. So, I do not accept your apology. I don't accept your apology. I don't. It means nothing. Words mean nothing. Actions mean everything."

When Jihoon said he was a new father and was learning to be a better one, Elicia still wasn't having it.

"That's no excuse," she said. "You're a 30-year-old man. You know damn well that a child running into the street is a bad thing. So, your excuses mean nothing to me. I protected Taeyang at my house. I am asking you to protect Drascilla at your house. And we're six days in, and you failed. Jihoon, honest to god, it's not my decision. It's Deavan's decision. But if you kill my granddaughter, I'm going to f**king kill you."

Jihoon then told cameras, "Originally, mother-in-law and son, very good relationship. Now, me and Elicia, very danger."

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