'90 Day Fiancé': Hazel Comes Out to Her Parents (Exclusive)

The reality star admits that she's nervous to tell her Christian parents that she's bisexual.

Hazel Cagalitan is letting her parents know the truth about her sexuality. On the upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiancé, the 28-year-old reality star nervously video calls her mother and father in the Philippines and reveals to them that she's bisexual. 

She explains that her parents are "very serious, born-again Christians" who "don't like bisexual or gay."

Hazel, who is currently in a relationship with Tarik Myers, nervously asks her father, "Pa, would you be angry if I like women? ...I like men and I like women."

"Oh no!" her mother responds.

Hazel then explains to her parents that Tarik is fine with her having a relationship with a woman as well as himself. "Don't you do that," her mother says. "It's unacceptable. I hope it will be gone soon. Let's pray fervently."

Hazel tells her mom, "What I'm supposed to do when I'm already like this? I didn't tell you before because I didn't want you to be upset. But this is me. Even if it pains me to tell you." 

In December, ET spoke with Hazel and Tarik about their relationship following Hazel coming out as bisexual. 

"I feel like now that I'm here and I am free, like, I am free to be who I really am," Hazel said at the time. "I'm glad because finally I found a guy that really accepts me and especially my son, and now I'm not shy for being me."

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.