'90 Day Fiancé': Tarik Reveals He and Hazel's Messy Relationship With a Shared Girlfriend

Tarik has gotten himself into quite a predicament before Hazel's arrival from the Philippines.

When it comes to 90 Day Fiancé star Tarik's relationship with his fiancée, Hazel, it's complicated. On Sunday's episode, Tarik revealed that he and Hazel -- who has come out as bisexual -- actually once shared a girlfriend at the same time, and that he's still talking to her despite Hazel telling him to cut ties with her.

Tarik talks to his good friend, Kia, during the episode and shares that he once broke off his engagement to Hazel because he thought she got pregnant with his baby and then terminated the pregnancy. During that time, he met a woman named Minty from Thailand.

"I wouldn't say I was falling in love immediately, but I was falling in like," he admits.

But when Hazel told him a doctor said she was never pregnant and that her cycle was just late, she forgave him for his assumptions and they got back together. Tarik came clean to her about Minty and instead of getting upset, Hazel said she was attracted to Minty when she saw her pictures and also wanted to be with her.

Tarik tells cameras, "I haven't really told anyone, not even close friends and family, that Hazel is bisexual because most people are going to have all of these preconceived notions and I'm not going to tell her to change. So, Hazel having a girlfriend is going to be part of our married life."

Tarik then tells Kia that he and Hazel met Minty in person in the Philippines a year and a half ago, and while everything was "beautiful" for two and a half days, Hazel got jealous of Minty on the third day.

"Hazel felt like Minty was more into me than she was into Hazel, and Hazel could see that I was fascinated by Minty," he shares. "There was this jealousy that came over Hazel immediately and it ended right there. And Hazel told me not to contact Minty ever again."

However, Tarik says he reached out to Minty a couple of weeks ago to check up on her amid the coronavirus pandemic. He hasn't told Hazel that he is now back in contact with Minty, and is afraid to tell her before she arrives in America to be with him.

"Hazel's like damn near on her way here, and I'm worried that it might mess everything up," he says. "Eventually, I have to tell Hazel -- I'm just not going to do it now."

ET spoke to both Tarik and Hazel ahead of the premiere of this season's 90 Day Fiancé, and Hazel admitted that she was worried about Tarik falling in love with the woman they decide to bring into their relationship.

"My concern in the future is if Tarik falls in love more with the girl, I think sometimes that will happen," she said.

As for Tarik, he said he wasn't worried about Hazel falling in love with the girlfriend and wanting to leave him.

"And the reason is, Hazel and I have been together some years now, and we have been through more in two years than the average couple would go through in 10 years," he explained. "We have had serious ups and downs, so we really know each other, and why would I even go into it if I doubted it? Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and I feel like she gave up way more than I did. She basically turned her whole life upside down completely. So for me to say, 'Oh, you're going to fall in love with a girl and run away with a girl?' What kind of man would I be? I got square shoulders. Everything is in the right place right here."

He also had a message for the couple's critics online.

"Listen, what I want to say to everybody who watches it, it is not 1920, OK?" he said. "We have an unconventional relationship and just because it's not like yours, doesn't mean it isn't real. And to all them dudes on social media ... I think you speak the loudest because y'all might want to be in my position one day. The people that yell the loudest normally are envious. It might be that you were wishing you had a Hazel."

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