'90 Day Fiancé': Michael Finally Stands Up to Angela

Michael says he's no longer going to let Angela 'win' in the relationship.

Looks like Michael is no longer willing to deal with Angela's outbursts. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela and Michael spoke on the phone after they broke up, and instead of reconciling, Michael was surprisingly not willing to cave to Angela this time around.

90 Day Fiancé fans know it's been a long journey for 54-year-old Angela and 32-year-old Michael, and the two have continued to struggle after getting married and Michael still living in Nigeria since his visa to come to Georgia has not been approved. Things got worse between the couple after Angela got weight loss surgery and a breast reduction, which Michael did not support. During last week's episode, Angela lost her temper and said she no longer wanted anything to do with him and contacted her longtime immigration lawyer, though her lawyer said she needed to think about the consequences of divorcing Michael after they had already put in years of work.

On Sunday's episode, Angela said Michael had been constantly calling her although she refused to answer, but she finally picked up the phone. Angela immediately started yelling at him. Michael told her that all she did was "talk, talk, talk," which not surprisingly, set her off again.

"Can you believe he said that? That's f**king rude," she replied in disbelief. "I'm his wife. ... I'll say what I want to f**king say. I'm an American. Land of the f**king free! You ain't telling me nothing. Put that finger down. Put that f**king finger down. Oh, shut up! Same s**t over and over."

As the two continued to argue, Angela said the usually mild-mannered Michael had begun talking back to her.

"People think I'm crazy the way I treat you. B**ch, they don't know how you are," she said. "I say 'f**k you' and everybody knows I'm a curser. You tell me 'f**k you' back. You tell me, 'f**k you, bitch.'"

Michael didn't deny it, and told her, "Because you deserve it now."

Angela ended up hanging up on him after Michael started sarcastically clapping for her when she told him that she wanted to move on and find a man that would take care of her instead of her taking care of him.

"He's mad at me because of something he's done," she told a producer off-camera. "He should've said, 'Baby, I missed you. Da, da, da.' He should've got my mind off of the argument. If you wanted the argument to end, somebody's gotta give in and I'm not. 'Cause I am not gonna take no man's s**t. I don't have to live like this, 7,000 miles away and be neglected. I don't. I do not, and I won't."

"I wish he would say one time, 'I'm sorry,'" she continued. "And he's just not doing it. He's standing his ground. I've done all I'm gonna do in this marriage. We ain't been married that long. He doesn't give a f**k this moment. And you know what, I don't either."

Meanwhile, Michael said he had no plans of apologizing.

"I was hoping she would listen to me but she started yelling at me and I'm so mad about it," he told cameras. "For the entire relationship, I just let her win. I'm just sick of it and this time, I'm not letting Angela win."

"When Angela blocked me, I'm scared for my marriage," he also said. "I don't know if I and Angela is gonna reconcile at all 'cause if we can't communicate, how will we be together?"

When ET spoke to Angela ahead of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, she talked about her explosive temper when it comes to her husband.

"Michael always gives me a reason to explode," she said. "He knows how to get me. I think he likes when I get upset because it shows that I care about him in some crazy way. ... The struggle is real, girl, the struggle is real."

Still, she said she wasn't willing to give up on their marriage, especially since they hadn't experienced living together yet.

"I know deep in my heart we love each other and we got a lot of stuff to work out, but we can't do it long-distance, you just can't," she noted. "We made it this far, we're probably going to have more bumps. ... We're gonna have our ups and downs, still, that's part of being married at the first year. Even though we're married a year, it's really not a year until we plant our feet down together ... the basic stuff that you have to get used to living together. I think we'll be alright. I just think that we, uh, we have stories and stories ahead of us."


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