'90 Day Fiancé': Mike Considers Breaking Up With Ximena After She's 'Literally Disgusted' by Him

Ximena is 'literally disgusted' by Mike.

Things aren't looking good for Mike and Ximena. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, the relationship between the two continued to rapidly deteriorate, as it's clear Ximena is not attracted to Mike whatsoever.

Mike and Ximena connected on a dating app, and he traveled to Colombia to meet her in person. Although Ximena expressed hesitance about wanting to marry him given she was repulsed by his cleanliness and personal hygiene habits, she said he had a good heart and liked that he wanted to be a father to her two young sons. The two got engaged, but after Mike returned to the U.S., he shared that Ximena had gotten distant. When he went back to Colombia to visit her, she wasn't excited about him being there and pressured him to pay for a breast surgery so that she could become a model. She also bluntly told him she wasn't in love with him, wanted space and didn't want to be intimate during his visit.

On Sunday's episode, Ximena further explained why she wasn't in love with Mike.

"I mean, I do love you, but I'm not in love with you because we haven't lived together for a long time," she told him. "Love is a very big word. ... I have a lot of doubts and things, that's all."

Mike said he was "devastated."

"Just a couple months ago, Ximena was so excited to marry me, so when Ximena tells me she doesn't love me and love is too big a word for the relationship that makes me feel devastated, even more confused," he told cameras.

Ximena admitted to cameras that she didn't "feel good" with Mike.

"There are things that make me uncomfortable, that annoy me, and I can't lie to him," she said. "I'm simply being honest with him. I don't want to hurt him, so for now, I think I really need to think things through."

Later, Mike got his friend, Nelcy, to translate between him and Ximena via video chat so they could talk through their issues. Nelcy told Mike it was obvious Ximena wasn't happy to even be next to him. She was also shocked that Ximena said she stopped working when she started dating Mike.

Nelcy told him, "I hope you stop paying for all her stuff. She's literally disgusted by you, and I don't think she's happy with you and I don't think she has love for you. She's not there for the right reasons."

Mike said he was going to see when the next flight back home to New York was, and told Ximena that he was going to give her the space she wanted.

"I just hope that we can still talk and just be friends," he told her.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Ximena asking him, "Are you ending it with me?"

ET recently spoke to Mike, and he shared that he's given Ximena around $15,000 since they started dating. He also reacted to her telling him she wasn't in love with him. 

"That really hurt when she said that," he said. "I mean, with that specific episode, it was definitely hard to watch that. I kind of had friends tell me about it because I didn't want to watch that one again -- because I don't want to relive it. In that specific time, that one, it seemed everything I did was like walking on eggshells or whatever."

He also said he wasn't sure if Ximena was genuinely attracted to him.

"From the episodes, I don't know really how I feel," he said. "Because I can't really judge her too well, but from what she was saying, looking back now onto that episode, I'm wondering in my head if she really ever did love me."

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