'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Jasmine Reveals Gino's 'Deep Sexual Problem'

On the latest episode of '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?', Jasmine made a big accusation against Gino.

Jasmine is airing out Gino's dirty laundry. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Gino and Jasmine discussed their issues when it comes to intimacy -- mainly, Gino not wanting to have sex with Jasmine -- and Jasmine accused him of having an addiction to pornography.

Gino not being able to keep up with Jasmine sexually has been an issue since they met, but it came up again this season after the two started trying to have kids. Although Jasmine has since put the brakes on trying to have a baby with Gino, on Sunday's episode, the two awkwardly discussed their marriage problems at his family reunion. Surprisingly, Gino's family was on Jasmine's side, calling him out for not doing much for Jasmine after she moved from Panama to Michigan to be with him even though he currently wasn't working. Seemingly out of nowhere, Gino then brought up their sex life publicly. Gino said that Jasmine was so mean to him that he had problems being intimate with her.

"I'm sick and tired of her getting angry and saying hurtful things to me like you do," he told her. "That's wearing me out to the point where I have a hard time being intimate with you because all the hurtful things you say to me."

"I don't want to be affectionate with something like that, so it has not been good," he continued.

Not surprisingly, Jasmine was upset he brought up their extremely personal issues at his family reunion.

"I know that I started this conversation about certain problems we're having as a couple, but going from there to talk about our sexual issues? Shut the f**k up," she told cameras. "Gino has a lot of deep sexual issues, but I will humiliate and hurt him deeply if I tell them the truth."

Gino's family encouraged both Gino and Jasmine to either let all their issues with one another go or just end their relationship. When Gino and Jasmine went back to their house, their tense discussion continued. Gino said they shouldn't be discussing their issues in front of his family, but Jasmine called him out given that he's the one who brought up their sex life publicly.

"Gino is trying to blame me for telling his family about a lot of our problems, but he is the one who mentioned our sexual life after our wedding," she told cameras. "We were trying to have a baby and our sex life was very passionate, but then we stopped. The truth is, you know, Gino complains about me yelling at him, but this is the gas lighter on, you know, he always makes me yell at him so that he has an excuse to avoid having sex with me because he doesn't enjoy intimacy with me. He prefers other things."

Jasmine said that this affected her deeply since she felt undesirable and worthless. She then accused him of having a serious pornography addiction that he didn't want to seek help for, which he denied.

"Stop putting makeup on the real sexual problem you have," she told him. "You know what the big problem is? It is your addiction to pornography."

Gino fired back, calling her a liar.

"I'm not addicted to porn," he told cameras. "Have I watched porn before? Yes. But I'm not addicted to it. She thinks I'm addicted to porn because I'm not being intimate with her. She wants to put the blame on me and she's not taking responsibility for herself or her actions and what she's doing to me."

But Jasmine continued to insist that his problem started long before he even met her.

"The word addicted, it's a big word," she said. "But in the past, when I expressed to him that I want to be intimate, he said like, 'Oh, I couldn't wait for you. And I masturbated.' It is so hard for me to understand that you're in a long-distance relationship, you finally have this person face to face and you prefer masturbating and watching porn."

"You have a problem," she continued. "And now I get it, why you never marry someone from your culture. Because no American is going to keep up with the s**t and I'm not going to keep up with that."

Gino ended up storming off with Jasmine muttering behind him, "Typical Gino."