'90 Day Fiancé': Loren's Mom Tells Her 'No Complaining' After Her Cosmetic Surgery (Exclusive) 

In this clip from Sunday's episode, Loren's mom didn't hold back on criticizing her for getting cosmetic surgery.

Loren's recovery from her "mommy makeover" is a lot more intense than she realized. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Loren is still clearly in a lot of pain after undergoing cosmetic surgery and it becomes too much for her when her outspoken mother criticizes her.

Loren's mom was against her undergoing the surgery in the first place because she felt like Loren was fine the way she was. But Loren explained that she has body dysmorphia and that this was something that she needed to do for herself after giving birth to three children.

"I wasn't expecting this recovery, but being excited about the results is what's getting me through," she tells her parents, husband Alexei as well as her father-in-law in the clip.

But her mom questions the timing of the surgery given that she has three young children. When Loren says it was her decision, her mom shoots back, "I know. So no complaining allowed."

At this point, Loren, clearly upset, says she's just going to go lay down.

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ET recently sat down with Loren and Alexei and she opened up about her surgery.

"Basically I did a fat transfer," she shared. "I used my natural fat and did a fat transfer into my breasts. I did the tummy tuck and then I did a 360 lipo so I did lipo from my chin, my arms, upper back, lower back and my thighs and I put all that natural stuff [in my breasts]."

She didn't close the door on having more procedures in the future.

"I mean, we can always touch up," she joked. "I'm getting there again, body dysmorphia, I'm accepting my body. I feel good. But it's a process."

Watch the video below for more.