'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Shaeeda Has a Tense Confrontation With Bilal's Ex-Wife 

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Shaeeda and Bilal's ex-wife, Shahidah, had an awkward conversation on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé over the prenup Bilal wants Shaeeda to sign before they get married. While the two women previously briefly met and were friendly, it's clear the prenup has affected their relationship.

Shaeeda has felt conflicted over the prenup Bilal wants her to sign, noting that she also brings her own assets to the table, like a successful yoga studio she has in Trinidad and Tobago. Her sisters also encouraged her to put her own conditions in the prenup before signing, including that she wants to have a baby before turning 40. Shaeeda is 37 years old and has never been married or had kids, while 42-year-old Bilal already has two children with his ex-wife.

On Sunday's episode, Shaeeda said she wanted to build a good relationship with Shahidah because she's the mother of Bilal's children. She was nervous when Shahidah called her and asked to talk to her while Bilal was at work. Shahidah told Shaeeda that she felt that they needed to have a conversation and that she was not just Bilal's ex, but his friend too. Shaeeda told cameras that Shahidah was coming at her "with an attitude."

"I am smiling like a Cheshire Cat. She's not making eye contact so I knew something was wrong," she said.

Shaeeda reassured Shahidah that she wanted to build a relationship with her kids. Shahidah then brought up the prenup and said that it might not be her place to speak about it, but it did concern her since she wanted to protect her kids' assets and the generational wealth that Bilal had. Shahidah then bluntly said she had to know if Shaeeda wasn't just there for Bilal's wealth. Shaeeda gave her a priceless look that said it all.

"I have a life in Trinidad," she pointed out. "I'm very known in my community. I have my own yoga studio. Just Google me, you'll see a lot of stuff that comes up, you know, me being in newspapers. So me trying to get what he has has nothing to do with that. But I understand you have concerns as a mother protecting your children."

Shahidah said she was concerned because Bilal proposed to Shaeeda after spending just one week together in Trinidad and Tobago when he traveled to meet her. She said she just wanted to make sure Bilal was protecting himself and his children. Shaeeda said it was a conversation she and Bilal had to have and admitted that they hadn't come to an agreement about the prenup. Shahidah told cameras she knew she "ruffled her feathers a little bit."

"I didn't come here to play games today," Shahidah said. "It was about letting her know that I stand for my kids so this was not a fun and games day for me, this is a conversation that we need to have."

Shaeeda noted of their tense meeting, "I feel completely caught off guard. Like, where does this hostility come from? I think it took her by surprise to see a woman in Bilal's home who is now becoming the woman of the household. I realize that this prenup is big business but, sweetheart, you are lecturing the wrong person. I am not some little girl Bilal picked up by the roadside talking on social media. I'm an accomplished woman in Trinidad."

In a previous episode, Bilal told his sister that marriage has a "business component" and that the number one reason why people get divorced is because they don't talk about finances, which is what he was trying to avoid with a prenup. When asked what he'll do if she doesn't sign the prenup, he visibly struggled.

"It's something that I've always said I need to have happen," he noted. "Obviously, I don't want to let love go, but also, again, I'm not ... again, I don't think blindly either, you know?"

ET spoke with Bilal and Shaeeda about their 90 Day Fiancé journey in May, and they candidly talked about still having to work through their issues to this day. Watch the video below for more.


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