'90 Day Fiancé': Shaeeda Wants to Add This Big Condition to Bilal's Prenup (Exclusive)

Shaeeda is uncomfortable about signing a prenup before marrying Bilal.

Shaeeda is uncomfortable about signing a prenup before marrying Bilal. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Shaeeda discusses with her sisters the prenup Bilal sprung on her while they were supposed to be having a romantic date, and they encourage her to add her own condition before signing it.

In the clip, 37-year-old Shaeeda, who's from Trinidad and Tobago, tells her sisters about the prenup and not surprisingly, they're not impressed. They muse that 42-year-old Bilal must think she's after his money and that she comes from "a little banana boat." They note that she had her own yoga studio and didn't come with nothing to America. Shaeeda says she's unsure about signing the prenup and her sisters tell her that she should put her own condition in the prenup -- that she wants to have children before turning 40 years old. Bilal is divorced and already has two children with his ex-wife.

"You also get into the game," one of her sisters tells her. "You put a condition ... most definitely. If you really want it, if this is something you really want, then definitely put it in the prenup. It goes both ways. Time is ticking."

Meanwhile, Bilal tells his sister that marriage also has a "business component" and that the number one reason why people get divorced is because they don't talk about finances, which is what he's trying to avoid. When asked what he'll do if she doesn't sign the prenup, he visibly struggles.

"It's something that I've always said I need to have happen," he notes. "Obviously, I don't want to let love go, but also, again, I'm not ... again, I don't think blindly either, you know?"

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ET spoke with Bilal and Shaeeda about their 90 Day Fiancé journey in May, and Bilal talked about proposing to Shaeeda within a week of meeting her in person when he visited her in Trinidad and Tobago. He also definitely was not opposed to having more children.

"I just feel like she had the essence of things that I was looking for, great motherly qualities for my children and any future children to come," he shared. "She was ambitious, she wears her faith on her sleeve, she's very God conscious, so a lot of different qualities I was looking for she possessed."

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