'90 Day Fiance' Star Ed Reacts to Rumors That Rose Is Now Engaged to a Woman (Exclusive)

'90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' star Ed is addressing one of the wildest rumors about him and Rose.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Ed is addressing one of the wildest rumors concerning him and his girlfriend on the show, 24-year-old Rosemarie from the Philippines.

ET spoke with Ed on Thursday via video chat, and the 54-year-old reality star talked about the current status of their relationship.

"I'm happy, that's all I can tell you," he tells ET's Lauren Zima. "I'm very, very happy."

Ed later reacted to social media rumors that Rose is actually now engaged to another woman. He admitted he had "no idea" if it's true and hadn't even heard of the rumors, but did note that fans should take everything with a grain of salt.

"You know, half the stuff I read online -- not like half the stuff, more like 90 percent of the stuff I read online -- is not true," he says. "It's people grabbing information, and bits and bits of information, and they're just creating fake news. They don't know what's going on. I know what's going on in my heart."

As for some viewers' criticism of the 30-year age gap between Ed and Rose, Ed said age was never an issue between them. He shared that a large part of what attracted him to her initially was just the fact that she admired him and wanted to talk to him. He also admitted that he thought the relationship wasn't going to develop into anything serious at first due to her living in the Philippines and him in San Diego.

Of course, their relationship did progress to the point where Ed traveled to the Philippines to meet Rose, and told his shocked friends that he was seriously considering proposing to her. But last week's episode showed Ed's extreme culture shock when he visited Rose's home in Caloocan and experienced her living conditions firsthand, after initially staying at a hotel in Manila with her for a couple of days. The experience raised his concerns that Rose saw him as her "meal ticket."

"We're still exploring that, at this point," he says when asked if he still feels that Rose is dating him for his money. "At this point [in the show], I still have suspicions."

Ed also discussed memorable moments in their relationships that have aired so far, including Rose becoming extremely upset after he asked her to take an STD test. Ed told ET he does regret the way he asked and that even his own daughter, 29-year-old Tiffany, told him he went about asking Rose for an STD the wrong way, suggesting that he should have taken the STD test first before asking her to do the same.

He then addressed the infamous scene of him asking Rose to shave her legs after they slept together for the first time. Ed said Rose's hairy legs "threw" him since he lives in San Diego and is used to both women and men lasering off their leg hair.

"I didn't mean to react the way I did but I was just like, 'Oh my god,'" he remembers.

Ed said he actually offered to shave Rose's legs but she declined. She then asked him if she could shave his beard.

"We both ended up shaving ourselves and it worked out," he says. "But I got a lot of heat for that, but that's what that was."

For more on Ed and Rose's 90 Day Fiance journey so far, watch the video below:


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