'90 Day Fiance' Stars Michael and Juliana Are Quarantining With His Ex-Wife Sarah & Her Husband (Exclusive)

'90 Day Fiance' season 7 couple Michael and Juliana are closer than ever with his ex-wife, Sarah.

90 Day Fiance season 7 couple Michael and Juliana are closer than ever with his ex-wife, Sarah.

ET spoke with the two on Wednesday via video chat, and they shared that they're actually quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic with Sarah and her new husband, Sean, and, of course, Michael and Sarah's two scene-stealing children, Max and CeCe. During their 90 Day Fiance journey, Juliana -- a 23-year-old model from Brazil who moved to Connecticut to be with 42-year-old Michael -- surprisingly became very close with Sarah, even calling her her "best friend." Sarah later officiated Michael and Juliana's wedding.

Michael explained to ET's Lauren Zima why their unconventional quarantine set-up works for them. Sarah and Sean often stay at a guest room at his and Juliana's home to be closer to Max and CeCe.

"We're safe and we're healthy, and that's more important than anything else," Michael says. "I think we feel fortunate that we're all together. We've just sort of naturally adopted this game plan of 'get through it.' We're enjoying each other's company too ... It just became one big sort of nouveau Brady Bunch family that we have."

Juliana has no issue with the situation, and said that she and Sarah even get out of the house and into the woods together when they're both annoyed at their respective spouses. Meanwhile, Michael shares how both he and Sarah have been able to completely move on and accept one another's new relationships, noting that just because their marriage didn't work out doesn't mean they've lost their love for one another.

"It's just four of the right people meeting at the right time," he says of he and his ex-wife and their new spouses. "We're all very accepting people who've seen a lot of different things in life, a lot of different experiences. We all have a lot of empathy."

Juliana and Michael say Max and Cece are loving the close arrangement. As for the couple having their own children together, they say they do want to grow their family, though they have no immediate plans or a timeline. Meanwhile, Sarah is all for Juliana and Michael having kids together.

"Sarah would love for us to have a baby because also, she would feel very motherly too," Micheal explains. "Even before Juliana came here, Sarah was talking about it like, 'I hope you guys are planning to have a baby, because I'd love to feel, in a way, that motherly bit again.' She doesn't want to have any more children and Max and CeCe are great, but, you know."

Michael and Juliana say their quarantine arrangements with Sarah and Sean will be shown on the upcoming TLC spinoff, 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, which debuts on Monday, April 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC. They are two of the more than 40 cast members from the show's six-year history who will be giving updates on their lives amid the coronavirus pandemic. Michael says he's definitely been personally affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, not only when it comes to Max and Cece's schools getting shut down, but when it comes to his wine business.

"I'm extremely concerned," he admits. "But I feel like I'm in the same boat as so many people in the rest of the world."

But Juliana and Michael say they definitely don't mind spending so much time together while social distancing, and appear more in love than ever.

"Well, if I can be romantic, we're meant to be together," Michael says. "Once she finally got here it was like, wow, it's so nice to be able to wake up in the same bed, eat together, go to sleep together, like a wonderful, loving couple -- not the fly-by-night, globe-trotting stuff. It was such a relief, you know? So now, actually, this has been ... look at us, we're happy, we're loving, we like being around each other."

ET also recently spoke to 90 Day Fiance fan favorite Darcey -- who stars in the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, which airs Sundays on TLC -- and she gave fans tips on dating long-distance during the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the video below for more: