'90 Day Fiance': Darcey and Tom Have One of the Nastiest Breakups in Show History

It's over between '90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' stars Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks.

It's over between 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks.

On Sunday's episode of the hit reality series, 45-year-old Darcey finally meets up with her British boyfriend, 39-year-old Tom, in New York City, where she plans to confront him about pictures on his social media of him looking cozy with another woman. Darcey and Tom's relationship has been on shaky ground for some time, and their long-distance communication was incredibly tense before they decided to meet up to talk about where they stand.

The meeting starts off on an awkward note from the first interaction -- Tom goes in for a hug and Darcey declines, saying she doesn't "feel comfortable" -- and goes downhill fast.

Darcey points out that Tom only makes time for her when it's convenient for him, and she is clearly hurt that he didn't bother to even FaceTime her on her birthday. Tom then goes on the offensive, angrily telling her that she never lets him finish talking and that she's self-obsessed.

Eventually, Tom does admit that he's fallen for a woman he met at Milan Fashion Week named Shannon when Darcey confronts him about it. Still, he blames the demise of their relationship on Darcey, saying that she didn't love him the way he needed to be loved and that the person she really loves is her ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old Jesse from Amsterdam, whom she was constantly bringing up. Tom says that Darcey did in fact have "all of" him at one point but self-sabotaged, and says he hopes she won't "screw up" her next relationship. He now says he has zero romantic feelings for her and, in fact, loves her like a "sister."

He later takes one last parting dig at her as she leaves, asking, "Did you put on weight?" Darcey eventually leaves and tells Tom that he is "nothing" to her now, and Tom tells TLC cameras they they are "100 percent over" with no chance of reconciliation.

ET recently spoke to Darcey about this season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, and she talked about her trip to NYC to see Tom.

"He knew at the time exactly how I felt, there was a little bit of a lack of communication during the time," she said. "We chose to give things another go and I just felt like I deserved the respect of communication and to not be dangled, you can say in a sense. And when I saw the pictures, he knew I felt how I felt about it, but I think through communication, you can understand what happened, what is going on. I don't like to be left in the dust. So, when you're in a relationship, you just want to know exactly what's going on."

"I was open to see what he had to say, I just didn't want to feel confused about where we were in the relationship and what I meant to him," she continued. "Do you love me? Are we together? You know, just be honest. I shouldn't have to wait to see if you're ready for a relationship or not."

Darcey also shared that despite her reputation for being very emotional on the show, viewers will not continue to see that side of her on this season.

"I don't think you guys will see many more tears," she said. "I think you guys will hear my own voice more, what I deserve and what I want in the relationship. I think people will understand who I am as a person."

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