'90 Day Fiancé' Star Syngin Details Scary Hiking Injury That Left Him Hospitalized: Watch

Syngin and Tania

The reality star detailed badly injuring both of his ankles during a solo hike.

90 Day Fiancé star Syngin is on the mend after a serious hiking injury at Shenandoah National Park that almost left him stranded.

The reality star documented his ordeal in a series of Instagram videos on Wednesday. In his first video, Syngin sat on the ground and shared that he had just fallen down and that his ankle made a concerning sound. He noted that it was swelling and that he couldn't put any pressure on it, but he didn't know what to do since there was no cell signal to call for help. He then shared a video of himself submerging his ankle in a stream to soothe the swelling. But then in another more concerning video, he said that he now actually badly injured his other ankle when he tried to limp his way back to the trailhead for medical assistance and fell down again.

"You're never going to believe this, I just sprained my other ankle," he said, crying out in pain. "I have f**king two sprained ankles right now. I'm heading back up the hill. Kind of worried. No signal as well."

Eventually, Syngin was able to make it up the hill in a lot of pain, and saw a park ranger's vehicle. He waited for assistance since he couldn't go any further. The South Africa native had to be taken to the hospital for his injuries.

"I am at the hospital now waiting for my xrays...make sure to watch all the videos..there was no signal on the mountain nobody left," Syngin captioned his videos. "I had to climb my way to safety with 2 sprained ankles, it was so painful I was screaming in pain..I was scared because there was Nobody left to help I called for help there was nobody🥺🥺.. it was me and only me that could get my self out of that mountain to safty...then the park rangers found me at the top by the waterfall."

In a later update, Syngin said he had broken his left ankle and badly sprained his right ankle as well, and that he had cried at the doctor's office.

"I cant believe this!!!! I think my trip is over," he wrote. "Well I can't go home because I cant drive haha..so I dont know what I am going to do🤪🤪🤔🤔🤯🤯 but everything happens for a reason in life and I will take this chance to see why and for what this all happend... maybe something else was going to happen or to show me something, but I will keep keeping on even if I have to watch @discovery and @natgeo for 6 weeks to get my nature in hahaha."

In an Instagram Story, Syngin's wife, Tania, thanked fans for their concern and said she is currently out of the country so she couldn't get to him in Virginia. She said that she had booked him a hotel for the night and a ticket for a train the next day, and that her sister would be picking him up and helping him recover.