'90 Day Fiancé': Stephanie Confesses Deep Feelings for Harris Just Hours After Her Split From His Cousin Ryan

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Stephanie is getting more serious with Harris -- her ex-fiancé, Ryan's, cousin. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, 52-year-old Stephanie went full steam ahead when it came to pursuing Harris, just hours after her nasty split from 27-year-old Ryan.

Stephanie asked Harris -- whom she had slept with once before when she and Ryan briefly split in the past -- to stay with her during the remainder of her trip in Belize because she wanted comfort after kicking Ryan out of her hotel. Although she accidentally slipped and called Harris "Ryan" at one point, she said that Harris is now the one she wants to be with.

"Ryan and I are over," she told cameras. "But there's a possibility that his cousin, Harris, and I might have a future ahead of us."

Over dinner, Stephanie acknowledged that Harris had previously warned her about Ryan, but she didn't listen.

"So, I just want to let you know, I've always, deep down, had something for you," she told him. "And it's not... I don't want you to think that I had revenge sex. It was not revenge sex."

Stephanie then explained to cameras, "So, I was intimate with Ryan's cousin, Harris, about a year ago when Ryan and I had broken up. After Harris and I slept together, he immediately started talking about how he knew intuitively he and I were supposed to be together. I was not to be with his cousin. To tell you the truth, Harris called me daily after that, wanting to know my everyday, how am I feeling, how am I doing. Part of me started having feelings for Harris, but I was with Ryan, so this is the first time with just Harris and I."

But Harris definitely comes with some baggage. He has three children with a woman who he's been in an on and off relationship with for 14 years. Harris said that at this point, the mother of his children is fed up with him and has left him. But Stephanie clearly isn't thinking about deeper issues at this point.

"This guy has three kids. He co-parents, though I don't know the exact details," she acknowledged to cameras. "So, I'm going to tuck that in the back of my hat, and we'll look at that at a different time. I'm just so happy that Harris is here that I'm not thinking about anything."

Stephanie then told Harris that she has thought about bringing him to the United States with her, instead of Ryan. For his part, Harris -- who's a farm worker -- was all too eager to come to America and told Stephanie that she didn't "need to think twice" about it.

"I know Stephanie and the Americans, they are rich people, has big great house, everything what they need in life," he told cameras. "So I think, going to America, I can do a lot better in my life, and for my family, and for everyone. And for even Stephanie, can be at her side, take good care of her, protect her, make sure she get the right treatment she deserve."

Stephanie acknowledged her situation was complicated.

"You know, I really have strong, strong feelings for Harris, but, my god, I just broke up with my fiancé hours ago," she said.

For more on Stephanie's messy 90 Day Fiancé journey this season, watch the video below.


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