'90 Day Fiancé': Sumit Rejects Jenny's Promise Ring

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Jenny is getting impatient when it comes to Sumit proposing. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, she presented him with a promise ring, but was embarrassed when he clearly did not want it.

Jenny, 61, and Sumit, 32, have definitely had one of the hardest journeys on the popular TLC franchise when it comes to love. His parents do not approve of their relationship given their significant age difference, and previously pushed him into an arranged marriage. Sumit was extremely unhappy and eventually started divorce proceedings, but it's costing him and his family $20,000, and his estranged wife also accused him of physical abuse, which he's vehemently denied. Sumit and Jenny both decided to continue pursuing their relationship despite all the hardships, and Sumit stood up to his parents during last week's episode and said that he intended to keep seeing her.

On Sunday's episode, Jenny told Sumit that she got him a ring to show him how much she loves him and to show her appreciation for how hard he's been fighting for them.

"I'm promising myself to you," she told him. "You're so lucky to have me forever."

"I just want to give him something and show him, 'You mean everything to me. You're everything to me. Here, I promise myself to you,'" she also explained to cameras.

Though Sumit did thank her for the ring, he clearly was not into it.

"But, I thought, like, we were going to do a ceremony for that," he said. "Like, we have a plan for that, we have a plan to get married. So ..."

Jenny then took the ring back and said they would wait.

"I'm embarrassed that Sumit just shut me down like that," she told cameras. "His reaction just wasn't what I expected at all. I'm just sick of waiting for this to happen."

Meanwhile, the two also verged into TMI territory when talking about their sex life.

"So, after Sumit stood up for me to his parents, I wanted to show him how proud and happy I was," she said with a big smile. "It's wonderful to be intimate with the man that I love. He makes me feel beautiful. That's my man, and he's my Sumit."

As for Sumit, he noted, "Making love was passionate. Now she can totally dominate, like, kind of thing. That's what I like."

Later, Sumit and Jenny worry about his estranged wife previously filing criminal charges against him, and Sumit said that on top of the $20,000 he and his family are already paying for the divorce, he could end up having to pay her another $500 a month, which he and Jenny definitely can't afford. But when he appeared in court to address the charges, his estranged wife and father-in-law decided to withdraw the criminal case against him. The judge then dropped all the charges, which was a huge relief to Sumit, though he claimed to cameras that these types of serious charges were actually common in India, since it's used as a tactic to get more money.

Not surprisingly, Jenny was overjoyed that the charges were dropped, and that he wouldn't have to pay his estranged wife $500 a month.

"I just need this divorce to go through so we can get married, once and for all," she said.

ET recently spoke with Jenny, and she talked about Sumit's parents' disapproval of her, and what could happen if she and Sumit got engaged without their consent.

"Well, the consequences would probably not be good," Jenny acknowledged. "His mom already said what she would do, what would happen if we did something like that. She has said it in the past, she has said it again, and you'll see, you'll find out when the season starts up again."

"[There's] so much more to come," she added of the rest of the season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. "A lot of good things. ... There's so much more to see that's gonna happen that will help everyone understand our relationship a lot better."

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