'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Angela Breaks Down and Walks Out After Flashing Entire Cast

Angela pulled her most shocking move yet on Sunday's explosive tell-all.

Angela couldn't control herself after a blowout fight with both her husband, Michael, and his aunt, Lydia, on part one of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?'s tell-all special. In a truly shocking moment, Angela lost her temper and ended up flashing Michael, Lydia and all of her fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast members.

Angela showed off her shocking new look on Sunday's special, sporting a backless red jumpsuit. After losing 106 pounds and undergoing breast reduction surgery, she shared that she ended up getting breast implants just last week. Angela broke down in tears when asked about this season, particularly, Michael's lack of support when it came to her surgeries.

"I really did think that you would take care of me emotionally because it's an emotional roller coaster, and then he started complaining and making fun of me," she said. "Like, my ti*s are too small, like, why are you laughing, Michael? 'Your boobs are small.' ... That was very painful."

"I really thought I was going to die. Like, really," she added about her health concerns before her weight loss surgery. "He doesn't get it. Like, he's 33, I'm 54. I possibly could not be alive when he gets here. All of this, we put up with. And he's not going to make it because I'm not gonna make it."

Later, Angela got defensive when she revealed that after filming on the season wrapped, she did spend time with the handsome surgeon that did her breast reduction surgery, Dr. Obeng. She said she attended his birthday party, and a producer outed her that he ended up driving her home since she wasn't feeling well. Not surprisingly, Michael was upset given that Angela had heavily flirted with Dr. Obeng on camera. 

"Dr. Obeng's a very, very caring man," Angela shared, insisting that nothing happened. "You need to learn something from him."

When Michael shot back that maybe she should marry him instead, she called him an "a**hole." But things between Angela and Michael got even more heated when his aunt made a virtual appearance, whom Angela has had issues with before. Angela said Lydia should mind her own business when it comes to her and Michael, and then also turned on her husband when Michael said she wasn't giving his aunt a chance to speak and was cutting her off.

"I've never seen someone be so nosy as his aunt here," Angela said, her temper quickly spiraling out of control. "I've given nothing but respect. ... You want him? You want him? Tell him. Michael. Let's do it. Right on national f**king TV. That your aunt wants us to get a divorce. Because listen to what she's saying. Listen to what she's saying. What man listens to their aunt? Don't you dare keep disrespecting me."

Turning to Michael, she shouted, "Michael, you grow a pair of balls and stand up for me and tell her to stay out of our business, or you can f**king go and I'll go ride again with Dr. Obeng, bi**h."

When Lydia told her that she needed to respect her husband, Angela's temper was pushed over the edge.

"You better respect me, woman," she said. "That is my husband. That is my f**king husband. And there's nothing you can do about it and you won't do about it. You mind your own business. You will not tell my husband what to do."

Angela then fully flashed the cameras as her cast mates reacted in shock.

"Suck on these brand new ti**ies, b**ch," she told Lydia as she pulled down her jumpsuit. "How do you like that s**t now?  ... And f**k you too, Michael. You won't see them goddamn ti**ies again. F**k you too."

Angela walked out of the tell-all and smoked outside.

"Michael don't care," she told her daughter, Skyla. "He's only happy about the big ti*s. Now that I can breathe better, like, I want my Michael that cared about my feelings and that's why I fell in love with him."

For more on Angela's complete physical transformation, watch the video below.