'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Mike Says He's Filing for Divorce From Natalie After Jovi Outs Her With Another Man

Natalie has some explaining to do.

It looks like it's finally over between Mike and Natalie after their fellow 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star, Jovi, outed her questionable relationship with another man during part one of this season's explosive tell-all special.

Mike and Natalie have been fighting all season long after they got married last season -- though he initially shockingly called it off just hours before the planned ceremony -- just so that she wouldn't have to go back to Ukraine when her visa expired. The problems they experienced during their engagement only got worse, and during the season finale, she moved out with a friend whom she met online, Juliana, to Seattle. But on Sunday's tell-all she revealed that she was now living in Florida, and Mike said he didn't even know where she lived or with whom. Natalie said she left him because he was working too much and neglected her.

"When I came here it was total disaster," she said of moving to rural Sequim, Washington, from Ukraine to be with Mike. "I couldn't do anything and I went crazy in the f**king woods. I have my rights to move even to the moon. I came here confident girl. What I've been through, it brought me to feeling miserable, going on f**king antidepressants, putting on 20 pounds, and feeling unworthy, terrible, and not wanting to live."

Later, when host Shaun Robinson asked them if they had dated anyone else since Natalie moved out, they both said they hadn't. However, Jovi shockingly called her out.

"Who was the guy you were with in New Orleans?" he asked. "Wasn't Mike."

"Jovi!" Natalie replied, as their fellow cast mates reacted in shock.

Jovi went on to spill that he and his wife, Yara, met up with Natalie in New Orleans for dinner, and that she was there with a "friend." 

"I can't say they looked romantic, but, you know, I wouldn't travel with a girl," he noted.

Yara added, "I asked them if they were together, but there was no clear answer. Like, in Natalie's way, 'Ha, ha, ho, hum. I don't understand.'"

Natalie denied having a romantic relationship with the man, whom she met through the Russian community, and explained that she just didn't want to be alone in New Orleans. Her cast mates weren't buying it, and Julia bluntly asked her how she was able to continue living in America. Mike then said she still used his bank card, again shocking their cast mates.

"After today, you are blocked from the card," Mike told her. "I am deactivating that card."

"I'm filing [for divorce]," he also declared. "We're not together."

Natalie said she wasn't going to fight him if he wanted a divorce. 

"If you think you can find better woman than me and be happy, I will only pray for you, honestly," she said.

"I know myself, I'm a good person, but I'm tired to fight," she also said backstage, wiping away tears. "So, I don't care, I don't give a sh**. He has to file for divorce, and I will say 'OK,' and we just part. There is no way for me to stay if he files for divorce. F**king crazy, I don't know what to say anymore."

Later, Mike's mom, Trish, made an appearance at the tell-all, and denied once and for all that she ever called Natalie a hooker when she and Mike visited her for Thanksgiving. Trish said Natalie lied constantly and that she never cared about Mike at all and just wanted to get to America. Natalie defended herself and said Mike was no angel himself, sharing that two hours after he proposed to her, she found naked pictures of a woman on Mike's phone. Mike said it was his ex-girlfriend that wanted to get back with him, but he shot her down and deleted the pics. As the two continued to argue with Trish, their fellow cast mates showed their frustration. Angela said she was "sick of this sh**," and that Natalie needed to "take her mother-f**king a** home."

"You don't love him, get the f**k out of here," she said.

Julia was also Team Mike and said Natalie was making a mockery out of the K-1 visa, making it harder for people like her who actually wanted to be married.

"You used Mike for green card," she shouted, as Jovi agreed.

Natalie then attempted to speak to Trish off-camera, but Trish continued to call her a scammer and said she was "evil" to her son. Trish also accused Natalie of accusing Mike's Uncle Beau of stealing her jewelry, when in reality, she pawned them, which Natalie emphatically denied.

"I don't blame you for wanting to better yourself, but you should not have used Michael," Trish told her. "You used him to get to America, and as soon as you did, you ran off. You used him. ...You manipulate, you lie, you steal, everything."


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