'90 Day Fiancé': Ximena Brutally Breaks Up With Mike 

Mike says his 'mind's gone crazy' after Ximena tells him she's completely done with him.

Ximena decided to pull the plug on her rocky relationship with Mike on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. After she was insulted by Mike telling her she only wanted him for his money, she told him he could take everything from her and that it was completely done between them.

Ximena had been acting cold toward Mike since he arrived on his second trip to Colombia to visit her. It's clear that Ximena is not attracted to Mike, complaining about his personal hygiene habits and telling him bluntly that she isn't in love with him. She also told him she would no longer sleep with him until after they got married. During Sunday's episode, Ximena's family urged her to treat Mike better and her mother asked Mike to be patient with her since he was her first serious relationship. But Ximena told Mike that that wasn't true, and that she only wanted to marry him because he was pushing her to tie the knot.

"In reality, I don't want to get married yet," she told him. 

"For me, it's difficult to be with one person for life because I mean, I'm really young and all I want to do is have fun, enjoy myself," the 24-year-old mother of two also told cameras. "Maybe in the future I'll sacrifice my freedom, but I start to think about all the things that Mike has done that annoys me and I don't know if Mike is the man for me."

Later, when Mike told her that it was nice for the two to spend alone time together, she bluntly told him that her kids come first before him. Mike then told her he felt her feelings for him changed after he stopped agreeing to buy her everything she asked for, like paying for her breast surgery. Ximena said that wasn't the case and was offended.

"You have things that I don't like," she told him. "That's what totally changed my feelings. And you still pay my rent, so it's not that."

"From now on, we're friends, you don't send me money," she continued. "You don't help me with anything and I pay for my things. You'll no longer be my boyfriend, nor will I be your girlfriend. We'll be friends, if you want."

When Mike said he wanted to take everything he paid for back with him to New York, she replied, "If you want to take everything in my house, take it all. I don't need it. Today, our relationship is over. And I'm serious. Everything is over."

At this point, Mike left the restaurant. For her part, Ximena wiped away tears as she continued to sit at the restaurant.

"You know what? I'm done," Mike said as cameras continued to follow him. "I don't know what I did wrong. Everything she said on the first trip, I tried to fix myself. My mind's going crazy."

ET recently spoke with Mike, and he shared that he's given Ximena around $15,000 since they started dating. He also reacted to her telling him she wasn't in love with him in a previous episode. 

"That really hurt when she said that," he said. "I mean, with that specific episode, it was definitely hard to watch that. I kind of had friends tell me about it because I didn't want to watch that one again -- because I don't want to relive it. In that specific time, that one, it seemed everything I did was like walking on eggshells or whatever."

He also said he wasn't sure if Ximena was genuinely attracted to him.

"From the episodes, I don't know really how I feel," he said. "Because I can't really judge her too well, but from what she was saying, looking back now onto that episode, I'm wondering in my head if she really ever did love me."

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