'90 Day Fiancé's Natalie Responds to Criticism That She Uses Men, Shares If Josh Is Supporting Her (Exclusive)

Natalie tells ET where she stands with her on-again, off-again love interest, Josh.

When it comes to 90 Day Fiancé star Natalie's situation with her on-again, off-again love interest, Josh, it's complicated. ET's Melicia Johnson sat down with Natalie to talk about the new season of 90 Day: The Single Life, and she shared why she's still interested in Josh despite the fact that he's unwilling to commit to her. 

This season of 90 Day: The Single Life started off with a big update for Natalie -- she decided to move to Los Angeles from Florida to be with Josh and to pursue a career in entertainment. But Josh didn't even bother to pick up Natalie and her mother from the airport, and then later the two got into a huge argument after he said he couldn't spend a week with her and she feared she was going to be homeless. In her interview with ET, Natalie still couldn't answer what her relationship status with Josh was but acknowledged she's at least partly to blame for their issues.

"I believe that I do mistakes a lot and ... I think I have to learn more on myself to improve myself," she admits.

Clearly, Natalie -- who's very open about wanting children -- is still unsure of their future together.

"I don't have explanations myself, we don't know where it’s going, and I don't know if it's gonna happen," she says.

She did respond to viewers who said she should have thought about her housing before she moved to L.A. and depended on Josh.

"I did," she insists. "Well, to be able to rent an apartment you have to have credit score which I never had and also if it’s your first ever place to rent, I have to have a guarantor or someone who would help to be more secure to lend, so when it went down to me looking for a place, I got a lot of refusals because people would say, 'Oh you're from Ukraine, from country of war ... you have no credit score,' this, this, this, this and I would get refused a lot and as [Josh] came up and he helped to negotiate and I think with his help it went much easier for me to find home."

Natalie is currently working and when asked whether or not Josh was supporting her financially, she said that he was "involved."

"But it's complicated when we get to the subject because it's kind of, um, I don't even know how to like, how much he's involved in other lives, how he really helps, how it works, I'm not really sure," she says. "Yeah, but he's around."

As for accusations that she uses men, such as her ex, Michael, Natalie notes that she never got papers to stay in America from Michael.

"Four years of marriage and I never had even a permit from my marriage," she fires back. "This is the sad truth."

She did admit that her mom, Nelia, prefers Michael over Josh.

"Having my mom around is kind of tough because I'm also kind of building a relationship with Josh and she puts her opinion on everything," she shares. "She kind of tries to figure out how it's possible when I left my marriage, and I was trying to build another relationship so it's hard for her, yeah. She loves Michael."

As for what viewers can expect from the rest of the season, Natalie said viewers are in for a fun ride. 

"You expect some surprises that will be a bit shocking, a bit unexpected," she teases. "But I think it would make a good show so we will have a great show."

"Josh is still around yeah, I would say," she continues, admitting he's definitely got her hooked. 

90 Day: The Single Life airs Mondays on TLC.


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