'90 Day Fiancé's Stephanie Matto Calls Herself the 'Thirstiest' Cast Member and Defends Selling Boob Sweat

The reality star defends selling her farts and boob sweat and insists she's not a clout chaser.

90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto isn't apologizing for her unique business ventures. The 31-year-old reality star has been making headlines for selling her farts -- which she had to stop due to suffering health issues -- and most recently, her boob sweat, and unabashedly tells ET she is in fact the "thirstiest" cast member in the franchise.

Stephanie -- who made history with her now ex-girlfriend, Erika, for being the first LGBTQ couple to be featured on 90 Day Fiancé -- has been selling her boob sweat for up to $500 a jar and claimed on Instagram that she'd already made thousands of dollars. She tells ET's Melicia Johnson that critics calling her attention-hungry don't bother her.

"Well, I definitely am the thirstiest member of the franchise, especially after all the sweating I've been doing," she cracks. "But, I mean I find no problem with it. I'm very ambitious. I want to grow my fan subscription platform to be the biggest fan subscription platform out there, and it is one of the fastest growing. ... I mean, there's people on there right now who are creating a secondary source of income for themselves on there. So, I'm really proud of that ... and I don't think there's anything wrong with being thirsty and being ambitious and being an entrepreneur. And I'm very grateful for 90 Day Fiancé and for that show giving me a platform to do what I do."

"I have no shame in the game," she continues. "I mean, people call me a clout chaser, but I don't think I'm a clout chaser, I'm an opportunity chaser. I think people don't see where I've come from. They don't see that I did not start with a lot of opportunities in my life. Me and my mother moved to this country and we couch surfed. We did not have a lot of money in the beginning, and so I strive to build a life for myself. And in the past two years, I've been able to buy a home and build this life for myself and so I hope every woman can have the same opportunities that I have."

Stephanie shares that she got the idea to sell her boob sweat because she just bought a new pool that she needs to pay for.

"I just put in a brand new in-ground pool and I was looking out the window and I was just thinking, 'Wow, I put myself into a lot of debt with this pool and I need to pay it off somehow, so I know I'm going to be sweating up a storm by that pool all summer long,'" she recalls. "And I've been kind of blessed in this department and I'm quite a sweaty person. I'm also the CEO and Founder of a fan subscription platform called Unfiltered, so I get a lot of requests on there from my fans and they like to see me sweat. So, I thought, you know what? I put two and two together. Let me sell my boob sweat."

She stresses that she isn't hurting anyone with how she makes money.

"There's so much serious stuff happening in the world and I'm just a young girl, making money with my body," she notes. "I'm not exploiting anybody. I'm not using anybody. I'm just using this natural, God-given body, and that's it. I think that people are so offended when a woman is just simply doing what she wants to do with her body and owning herself completely and owning her sexuality. And I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I'm very confident in myself and who I am and I think that I have no fear of judgment at all. I think I have this one life to live and I really just want to make money so I can be happy and provide for myself and for those that I love and live the best life possible."

She does acknowledge that her mother, Magda, who was featured on her season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, hasn't exactly been approving. Magda moved to America from the Czech Republic with Stephanie when Stephanie was seven years old, and their close relationship was clear in the show.

"So at first, she was very judgmental of it, not too happy about it, but I think as a mom, her primary focus is just that I'm safe," Stephanie shares. "So with the farts and the boob sweat and all of that, she was just really worried about that whole hospitalization thing. She wanted to make sure I was OK. And now with the boob sweat, she's just like, 'Please use sunscreen. Please don't stay out there too long.'"

As for who's buying her pricey jars of sweat, there's definitely a market for it.

"I have a lot of devoted fans that pivoted from the fart jars over to the boob sweat," she says. "I mean, I guess they're just the classic simps. They love what I do. They love the products that I sell and they are extremely devoted to just supporting whatever venture out there that I pursue. So, I mean, I know it is ridiculous, but I guess it's just what it is."

Stephanie says the fact that people are willing to pay for her farts and boob sweat is a confidence booster.

"So, doing this type of work and getting in touch with my sexuality again and with my femininity, it really helped me fall in love with myself again and feel confident and feel sexy again, and just to know that there's guys out there that want my boob sweat and my farts, it helps me feel hot again," she says. "So, it's fun. It's a cool feeling and there's so many women on my platform, and even men, who come onto the platform and who will message me and be like, 'I never expected it, but this is such a self-esteem, confidence builder. I take pictures of myself in sexy outfits and I never expected to feel this way about my body, to feel so good about myself.' It's nice to hear that."

Stephanie also insists that despite her attention-grabbing business ventures, she's just "a normal girl."

"I think that maybe [people think] that I am just some crazy, crazy, eccentric weirdo or something, that I'm just much weirder than I am. I'm just, like, a normal girl," she insists. "I just spend most of my time at home with my dogs chilling, watching true-crime documentaries. I don't go out much. I just like to work. I just drip sweat into bottles. ... I'm a workaholic who just likes to spend time with my dogs and my boyfriend, and that's about it. I'm actually kind of boring beneath the boob sweat and the fart jars and all the craziness. I'm actually pretty boring."