‘A Quiet Place Part II’: John Krasinski Says He Was ‘In Awe’ of Wife Emily Blunt’s Performance (Exclusive)

The filmmaker opened up to ET while surprising moviegoers at a theater in New York City.

John Krasinski is a big fan of Emily Blunt. The actor and filmmaker directed his wife for a second time in A Quiet Place Part II, and he has not been shy about how much he appreciated her performance and her commanding presence.

Krasinski spoke with ET's Rachel Smith at an AMC movie theater New York City -- where he came to surprise an audience at a screening of his long-awaited horror sequel -- and he opened up about working with his wife on the exciting project.

"I mean, the truth is she's the greatest collaborator I've ever worked with," Krasinski shared.

The actor-turned-director said that when he worked with Blunt on the first A Quiet Place, they were both "really nervous" about working alongside one another in that capacity.

"There's a lot of unknowns. We've never worked together, even though we're in the same business," he shared. "This business is a bit like being on separate islands. She goes to do a movie and I never really meet that crew or see her performance."

Because of that, Krasinski said he'd never actually gotten a chance to see her perform on set before they worked together -- and he's glad he's gotten the chance now to see it twice.

"To actually be there when she's doing what she's doing, I was just blown away and in awe," Krasinski shared. "So in the second movie it was no more nerves. It was just all celebration."

"She's the type of actress who can deliver that intensive performance and then ask you what they have at the [craft services table]," he added. "If you're able, and if you're talented enough to switch it on and off like that, you make my job easy."

The cute couple have been married for nearly 11 years, and share two daughters -- 7-year-old Hazel and 4-year-old Violet.

Krasinski has often said that the first film in this horror saga was a "love letter to his children," about the implicit promise a parent makes to always be there for their kids. With the sequel, the message and meaning behind the film has evolved.

"If the first movie is about the promise that we all make as parents to our kids and we say we'll always be there for you, it's a promise we know will inevitably be broken and I think the second movie is about that promise being broken, because I think that's what growing up really is," Krasinski shared. "I think when your kids realize that you're not going to be there for them every step of the way, then they have to take on the world themselves and it's a really scary thing."

"But it's also the birthplace of such courage and such bravery and such change," he added.

At last year's premiere for the sequel -- which was originally supposed to hit theaters in March 2020 -- Krasinski shared similar sentiments about his wife, calling her "the most tremendous actress of our time."

"She is the most incredible partner in writing and directing and set designs. She just has such good ideas. So I actually felt like I had my partner in all things on set, not just the best actress in the world," he shared. "Anything I can think of, she makes 10 times better so that's a pretty good weapon to have on set."

Check out the video below to hear more.

A Quiet Place Part II hits theaters May 28.