Aaron Rodgers Gets 'Deep and Meaningful' First Tattoo Following Shailene Woodley Split

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Aaron Rodgers is set to earn $150.8 million over the next three seasons after signing a massive contract extension with the Green Bay Packers earlier this year. And it seems one of his first big purchases -- figuratively speaking, of course -- was his first-ever tattoo.

The 38-year-old NFL star took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared his first tattoo from "the [GOAT] himself" tattoo artist Balazs Bercsényi. Rodgers said he was "grateful for his mastery and friendship."

As for the tattoo itself, it appears Rodgers gave up valuable real estate inside his forearm. The new ink features a docile and angry lion facing off, a body of water and astrological elements. There's also a peering eye at the center of it all.

Rodgers claims "there's a deep and meaningful story and connection to absolutely each element of this art piece." He added that he'll share more about that one day, but for now he just wanted to share the tat and thank his friend for his patience and artistry.

The tattoo also comes after Rodgers and Shailene Woodley split earlier this year, for the second time. In April, a source told ET that Rodgers was "taking some time for himself" and "spending time with close friends and loved ones."

If nothing else, the new body art seems to reflect just that, coupled with the fact the source said Rodgers felt like he was "in a pretty spiritual place in his life." That could explain the "deep and meaningful" tattoo.

Rodgers and Woodley, who started dating in 2020 and whose engagement surfaced in February 2021 during an NFL Honors event, remained on friendly terms after the breakup.


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