Aaron Rodgers Shows Up to Training Camp Looking Just Like Nicolas Cage in 'Con Air'

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Aaron Rodgers is partying like it's 1997, after channeling his inner Nicolas Cage for his first day of training camp. The 38-year-old NFL star arrived Tuesday at the Packers' training facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, looking like a spitting image of Cage's iconic character in the 1997 action thriller, Con Air.

Rodgers nailed U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. Cameron Poe's exact look, from rocking the long locks and a tucked-in muscle shirt inside his belt-tightened jeans to his scraggly facial hair.

The Packers' verified Twitter account relished the moment, capturing the quarterback in slow motion as he headed into the first day of training camp. It is Rodgers' 18th year in the league, all with the Packers.

Rodgers not only headed into training camp with mad swagger, but he's also set to make a boatload of money -- $150.8 million over the next three seasons, to be exact, after signing a massive contract extension with the Packers earlier this year.

Rodgers commemorated the Cage tribute by taking to Instagram and captioning the post, "Put...the...bunny...back in the box." The NFL star then anointed Cage as the "greatest actor of all time." 

Nicolas Cage Con Air

Packers fans loved the look. One fan responded to the Packers' video, saying, "That's our MVP! LFG!" Another fan said, "He's weird sometimes, but he's ours @packers."

Rodgers' look comes less than a month after he revealed his "deep and meaningful" first tattoo, which is on his forearm. The new ink features a docile and an angry lion facing off, a body of water and astrological elements. There's also a peering eye at the center of it all.

Rodgers claims "there's a deep and meaningful story and connection to absolutely each element of this art piece." He added that he'll share more about that one day, but for now he just wanted to share the tat and thank his friend for his patience and artistry.

The tattoo came not long after he and Shailene Woodley split up, for the second time, and this time seemingly for good.


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