Abby Huntsman Leaves 'The View' After Two Seasons

Abby Huntsman has decided to leave 'The View.'

Abby Huntsman has decided to leave The View.

The 33-year-old co-host is leaving the ABC daytime talk show to focus on her father, Jon Huntsman Jr.’s, current campaign for governor of Utah. Huntsman announced her decision at the top of Monday's episode.  

Huntsman joined The View in September 2018. Her current co-hosts include Meghan McCain, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin.

"This panel is special," she said. "It will always go down as a crucial time for this show and I am so thankful for this opportunity. As you guys know, my No. 1 priority has always been my family.  ...  I was asked months ago by my dad who is running for governor of Utah to go and run the campaign .... and over the holidays when you take a step back and you think about life, think about your kid, think about what you want to do every day that gets you going, and there is no one I believe in more than my dad right now to run for politics."

"I get emotional because I do love him so much," she continued. "It's really, it's gonna be a fast race, June is the primary and that's what matters, and so I couldn't be more excited to go help someone I love. It's not often in life you get these moments to go fight for something that you are so passionate about."

She did leave the door open for a possible return.

"I'll be back," she said. "Once my dad wins, which he will I hope, we will be right back here and I will be back at this seat, you never know. Life is funny that way. ABC is my family from the beginning and probably always will be. That's where we are. A new chapter."

Huntsman's title on her father's campaign will be Senior Advisor. On Saturday, she tweeted a picture of herself campaigning with her dad.

"Back to my Utah roots campaigning with this guy. Democracy in action. ❄️ ? ?? @JonHuntsman," she wrote.

ET recently spoke to Huntsman about returning to work after giving birth to her twins, Ruby Kate and William Jeffrey, last June. She also gave her reaction to the film, Bombshell, given her own time working at Fox News. Watch the video below for more: