Adam Levine Jokes That Blake Shelton Smells Like 'Oklahoma Stank' (Exclusive)

ET has a first look at Levine's new Yves Saint Laurent campaign for the fragrance Y by Yves Saint Laurent.

Adam Levine is rocking a brand new scent.

The Maroon 5 frontman is the new face of Y by Yves Saint Laurent and not only does ET have the first look at the fragrance's campaign, we also got a behind-the-scenes look at the commercial.

During ET's time on set, the "Girls Like You" crooner opened up to Nancy O'Dell about what he loves most about working with the brand, explaining, "Well, first of all, my love affair with YSL for years has been way before they showed any interest in me. I was always a huge fan. So it's kind of a dream come true and I've never really done anything of this caliber with a brand like this, so I'm beyond excited."


While Levine, who has been a coach on The Voice since its inception, is the face of this new fragrance, he couldn't help but take a dig at his buddy, Blake Shelton, and playfully describe what he smells like.

"Blake wears his own special scent," Levine said, jokingly adding, "It’s called Oklahoma magic. It’s a delicate combination of manner and farm…Blake's fragrance would be called 'Oklahoma Stank.'…The accents would be, like, body odor, farm work, hunting...lameness."

All jokes aside, as far as the campaign -- which was shot in Los Angeles -- Levine enjoyed the fact that it's "simple."

"It's extremely unpretentious. It very much reflects, I think, the lifestyle I live, which is pretty much based on the simplest idea of what you wear and how you decide to present yourself," he explained. "It's laid-back and it's simple, it's casual, and it's very L.A.-centric, which makes a lot of sense because I was born and raised here."

For more on Levine, watch below.