Adam Levine Plays It Cool (As James Corden Panics) While Getting Pulled Over on 'Carpool Karaoke' - Watch!

The 'Late Late Show' host and the Maroon 5 frontman were driving through the streets of L.A. filming the popular segment when they were pulled over by a sheriff's deputy, and Corden had a hard time keeping it together.

James Corden has done a lot of "Carpool Karaoke" segments during his time on The Late Late Show, but getting pulled over by a sheriff's deputy was certainly a first for him.

However, it didn't exactly seem like a first for his passenger, Adam Levine, who remained cool as ice during the incident. The same could not be said for Corden.

As the pair drove through the streets of Los Angeles, singing along to the Maroon 5 hit "She Will Be Loved," a Sheriff's Department SUV suddenly turned on its sirens and indicated for Corden to roll down his window.

"Oh, that's the police," Corden said, tensing up. "Hang on. What do the police want?"

As the British talk-show host shakily pressed the button to lower the window, Levine remained silent and just gave the Sheriff a small, polite wave of his hand through the window.

"I'm gonna pull you over so you can sing a song for me," the sheriff's deputy called out from the open window of his car.

"You want us to pull over so he can sing a song for you?" Corden responded, laughing in disbelief.

"Yes, because you're causing a traffic hazard!" the sheriff's deputy yelled back.

Corden complied with the unusual request and pulled over by the side of the road, while Levine remained unshakably stoic.

"How are you being so cool about this?" Corden asked, as the sheriff's deputy pulled up alongside him.

"Listen man, just be careful," the deputy cautioned.

Finally breaking his silence, Levine came up with the tried-and-true line most people use when apologizing to a cop after getting pulled over: "We're sorry officer, it'll never happen again."

After wishing the pair a good day and driving off -- without even asking to be serenaded -- a confounded Corden couldn't help but grill Levine on the ice water running through his veins.

"I don't know what quite happened there. I completely panicked. How are you so chill? A Sheriff just pulled us over and you're completely nonplussed by it," Corden marveled. "I panicked in my absolute core."

Levine's calm-under-pressure demeanor could have something to do with what the pair talked about later during the ride, which is that Levine is a Los Angeles native.

"I was born and raised in Los Angeles," Levine shared. "I was born at Cedars. My two daughters were born there too, which is really exciting."

Levine and his wife, Behati Prinsloo, who tied the knot in July 2014, welcomed their first daughter, Dusty Rose, in September 2016, and recently celebrated the arrival of their second daughter, Gio Grace, in February.

Meanwhile, Corden shares three children with wife Julia Carey, including 7-year-old son Max, 3-year-old daughter Carey and 5-month-old daughter Charlotte, and the host said he's "now raising fully-fledged Angelino children."

"But my worry with kids growing up here is that, [especially] with my new daughter, my worry is that her first word is gonna be, ohmahgod dad, this is crazy,'" Corden said, affecting an over-the-top "Valley Girl" accent.

After riffing on the supposed dialect of modern-day children raised in Los Angeles, Corden asked, "How are you gonna stop your daughters from sounding like this?"

"I'm gonna be like, 'You sound like a f**king moron! Don't do that,'" Levine said, laughing.

Corden also revealed that he now lives in a house not far from Levine's childhood home, which means, "My kids are growing up streets away from where you grew up."

"And look at me," Levine replied. "I'm a very nice person."

"It's a worry. It's a very big worry," Corden shot back as the singer laughed. "If I'd known that I would never have bought the place."

During the fun "Carpool Karaoke" segment, Corden and Levine also putting their driving skills to the test with a timed race around a track in the "Carpool Karaoke" car. 

However, since  Levine has more experience with racing, Corden made things a little harder, forcing him to answer general knowledge trivia questions while navigating the circuit.

Check out the video below for more on Levine and Prinsloo's adorable family.