Adrienne Houghton Says She Would 'Absolutely' Reprise Her 'Cheetah Girls' Role (Exclusive)

ET was at the launch party for Houghton's latest collection for her jewelry line, XIXI.

Sixteen years after we first met the Cheetah GirlsAdrienne Houghton is down for another cheetahlicious project.

ET was at the Los Angeles launch party for Houghton's latest collection for her jewelry line, XIXI, called "It Is Written," where she opened up about the possibility of a Cheetah Girls reunion.

"We've heard the conversations from the fans, and that's definitely something they want," Houghton, who played Chanel in the Disney Channel movies, told ET's Deidre Behar. "I personally would never say never, but there is something to be said for not ruining anyone's childhood either. It was a great thing then, and I think some things should be left untouched. It was awesome then and let's not ruin the legacy of the Cheetah Girls."

While the actress may be worried that a new musical might not live up to fans' expectations, she did confess that she would "absolutely" reprise her role.  

"I'm Chuchie for life," Houghton proudly stated using her character's nickname, before sharing how she imagines Chanel's life panning out. "I feel like Chuchie would be a daytime talk show host. I feel like she had a lot to say and she kept it very cheetahlicious and she had a strong opinion."

"I think she probably would have had a solo career. She was very confident -- a lot more confident than I am in real life -- and I would say, maybe a fashion designer as well," she added.

Former Cheetah Girls Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams have been known to FaceTime each other singing their old girl group songs. Meanwhile, Houghton and Raven Symoné have also maintained a strong friendship.

"Raven and I have kept a great relationship and I love Raven to death," Houghton shared. "It's literally Chuchie and Bubbles for life, in real life," she shared. "We've had conversations about how crazy that would be if ever we did do a fourth, or just another cheetahlicious project."

One project Houghton is working on is her jewelry line, XIXI, and her latest collection is one that is close to her heart and faith. "It's actually bible verses that we put on jewelry. We've gotten such a great response from people. As a believer myself, it was hard to find things that were chic and cute but at the same time a reminder of my faith, so I love that," she explained. "We are launching a compass. I'm like, 'Jesus is my compass,' and it's for Psalms 32:8."


The Real co-host's Latina roots and upbringing also help inspire her collections. "The first collection I launched was called 'Faith and Familia' and that was all about the fact that as Latinas we love joyeria. We love our jewelry!" she said.

As far as what's next on her list, Houghton is ready to expand her family with her husband of three years, Israel Houghton.

"I want to be a mom," she excitingly said. "I think that would be the next chapter, building a family and still being able to do all the things that I do. I just think that would be a great way for my life to come full circle, so that's what I'm most excited about."

See more of ET's interview with Houghton in the video below.