Al Pacino, 83, Welcomes Baby No. 4: A Guide to His Family Tree -- and His Camila Morrone Connection

Al Pacino

Pacino's 29-year-old girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, has given birth to the actor's fourth child.

Al Pacino is a dad of four! On Thursday, the 83-year-old actor's rep confirmed to ET that Pacino and his 29-year-old girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, welcomed a son named Roman Pacino.

The baby boy's birth came just weeks after Pacino's rep confirmed that the actor was expecting his fourth child.

The news brought renewed attention on Pacino's past relationships and his other children -- 33-year-old daughter, Julie, and 22-year-old twins, Olivia and Anton. Then there's 25-year-old actress and model Camila Morrone, who refers to Pacino as her stepfather after he dated her mother, Lucila Solá, for a number of years.

In the past, Pacino has also been linked to Jill Clayburgh, Diane Keaton and acting coach Jan Tarrant. For more on his family tree, keep reading below.


Dating Jill Clayburgh

Pacino's first "Hollywood" romance was with actress Jill Clayburgh, whom he performed with onstage in the play America Hurrah. They dated from 1967 until 1972 when The Godfather catapulted Pacino into superstardom and earned him an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Michael Corleone.

In a 1978 story in The Washington Post, Clayburgh's said to have struggled with Pacino allegedly dumping her out of nowhere after living with the actor for five years.

"I went through it all," she told the outlet following the painful split. "[S]elf-loathing, loathing him, pain, anger, fear."

Clayburgh later admitted that she'd "rather not live with an actor again" because "it's too hard." She also told The Post that part of the reason why her breakup with the actor was so hard "obviously had to do with the fact that he was just becoming a big success and I hadn't made it yet."

Clayburgh died in 2010 at 66, after a decades-long battle with leukemia.


Dating Diane Keaton 

Pacino and Keaton dated from 1974 until 1990. It's arguably his most high-profile relationship and the one that lasted the longest, though they were on and off over the course of nearly two decades.

They met on the set of The Godfather, and when they were cast they were relatively unknown. That all changed soon after, and both would earn Academy Awards. Keaton told People in 2017 that she had a huge crush on Pacino when they started filming the Francis Ford Copola-directed film, adding that she was "mad for him" because he was "charming, hilarious, a nonstop talker. There was an aspect of him that was like a lost orphan, like this kind of crazy idiot savant. And oh, gorgeous!"

As for when the relationship ended for good, that was around the time after The Godfather III came out. And, according to People, it came to an end when Pacino couldn't commit to marriage. She gave him an ultimatum, and Pacino would not cave.

"I worked hard on that one," Keaton told the outlet. "I went about it in not a perfect way."

Anton, Olivia, Al and Julie Pacino on the red carpet. - Michael Buckner/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images

Pacino's first child

Pacino and Jan Tarrant only dated for a couple of years, beginning in the late 1980s. But in that short time Pacino would become a father to his first child, Julie Marie Pacino, whom they welcomed on Oct. 16, 1989, in New York City.

Tarrant and Pacino ended their relationship in 1990, but he's remained in Julie's life. According to People, Julie followed in her father's footsteps, earning a degree from the New York Film Academy and launching two production companies: Poverty Row Entertainment and Tiny Apples.

She was reportedly "intrigued" as a child when she'd visit her father on set, sparking her interest in Hollywood.


Pacino's twins, Olivia and Anton

Pacino and actress Beverly D'Angelo dated from 1989 until 2001. On January 25, 2001, in Los Angeles, Pacino and D'Angelo welcomed twins Olivia and Anton James Pacino, reportedly with the help of in vitro fertilization.

While it appears Anton James chooses to stay out of the spotlight (there's no social media accounts tied to his name), Olivia's pretty active on social media. On his 81st birthday, Olivia posted a throwback photo of her as a child and her father smiling proudly.

"Happy 81st to not only my inspiration but my best friend and the best father I could ever ask for I love you," she captioned the post.

Pacino told The Guardian in 2015 that fatherhood had altered his view on life.

"Kids changed my perspective," he said. "Before I had my three [children], I'd walk around in my own head, not noticing anything. Acting used to be everything; now, because of them, it's just a small part."

Kaitlin Saragusa/

Camila Morrone's 'stepdad'

Back in 2019, Morrone spoke to ET about how growing up in Hollywood helped her prepare for her first-ever leading role in Mickey and the Bear. Her upbringing, of course, included calling Pacino her stepfather.

"I was fortunate in the sense that I grew up in Hollywood, so I feel like I saw a lot of that and I was exposed to that at a very young age," said Morrone, whose mother dated Pacino for a number of years. "But, I didn't feel overwhelmed when I got into this industry because my parents were actors… so I was very exposed to it. More so than if I had come from a different country or small town. So I feel that I got a little bit of an extra foot in the door because I knew what I was getting myself into."

While on the Late Late Show With James Corden, Morrone said that, after landing her first acting gig in the 2013 film Bukowski, it was Pacino who she raced to for career advice.

"Of course, the first person I called was my stepdad, who has been an actor for a long time and is [a] very established actor," said Morrone of Pacino.


Baby No. 4

Pacino and Noor Alfallah -- who have a 54-year age gap between them -- have been publicly linked since last year when they were spotted exiting a restaurant in Venice, California, together and leaving in the same car. It was part of a group outing alongside Jason Momoa and others, which went viral at the time when fans spotted Pacino's Shrek phone case in an image shared by the Fast X actor. 

News of Alfallah's pregnancy broke in May, when the producer, was eight months pregnant with the couple's child. She welcomed her son the following month, with Pacino's rep telling ET that the couple named the baby boy Roman. This is Alfallah's first child and Pacino's fourth.