Alex Rodriguez Would Still Be With Jennifer Lopez If He Could, Source Says

Alex Rodriguez is now focusing on his fitness following his breakup with Jennifer Lopez, a source tells ET.

Alex Rodriguez is focusing on his fitness following his breakup with Jennifer Lopez, a source tells ET.

Late last month, the 45-year-old former baseball pro showed off his impressive body transformation after four months of consistently working out and watching what he eats. In March, he also shared that he was taking part in the 54D program, a nine-week training program that combines high-intensity group training, custom nutrition and recovery therapy. A source tells ET that after his breakup with 51-year-old Lopez, he has made it a goal to shed his "dad bod."

"He 100 percent kicked it into high gear over the last few months," the source says. "He knows how good he looks when all dressed up with somewhere to go now. He wants to look good for his ex or any woman."

But according to the source, if Rodriguez had it his way, he would still be in a relationship with Lopez.

"It was definitely her call to end it," the source says. "He would have loved for it to keep going."

The source says that Rodriguez gained weight after their breakup since Lopez motivated him to keep in shape during their relationship because she was so dedicated to sticking to her own fitness regime, and they frequently worked out together. But as they started spending time apart and due to his busy schedule, the athlete found himself not hitting the gym as regularly.

"During the first part of 2021 he was traveling a lot, working a lot, paying attention to new business," the source shares. "For someone that is consistent about workouts, other things got in the way."

Since Rodriguez and Lopez's breakup, he's also been focusing on spending time with his two daughters -- Natasha, 16, and Ella, 13 -- and he's clearly regained some of his confidence when it comes to his physique. As for how he's taking Lopez's headline-making reunion with 48-year-old Ben Affleck, a source told ET earlier this month that he was "shocked."

"Alex understands that Jennifer is single, but felt shocked by [her and Affleck's] quick meetup," the source said. "At the end of the day, Alex wants Jennifer to be happy, but the way everything has unfolded doesn't sit well with him."


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