Ali Fedotowsky's 5-Year-Old Daughter Spends the Night in Hospital After Becoming 'Severely Dehydrated'

Ali Fedotowsky
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Ali Fedotowsky's daughter had quite the scare. The 37-year-old former Bachelorette took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal that her and husband Kevin Manno's 5-year-old daughter, Molly, was hospitalized for dehydration.

"Molly and I are spending the night at the Children’s Hospital tonight," Fedotowsky captioned pics of her daughter in a hospital bed. "She’s OK. She is just severely dehydrated and they feel she needs to be monitored overnight and given liquids via an IV to get where the doctor feel she needs to be."

Despite being "very scared" by her daughter's condition, Fedotowsky went on to list all of the things she was grateful for.

"Grateful for the messages I got saying she might be dehydrated. Grateful for my husband who has worked so hard to take care of us (I haven’t said anything but I haven’t been feeling well either) while keeping Riley separate so he doesn’t get sick," she wrote of their 3-year-old son. "Grateful for her doctor that didn’t send us home instead sent us straight to the ER. Grateful for the doctors and nurses here that have taken such good care of us."

Fedotowsky noted that she's "especially grateful that they don’t think it’s anything more serious and hopefully we will be going home tomorrow."

"My heart goes out to every parent out there who has felt the fear and pain of seeing your child (or any loved one) so sick," she concluded.

The next day, Molly was sent home from the hospital, and Fedotowsky shared pics of her smiling daughter to celebrate the news.

"Home! Molly is home and almost back to her old self!" Fedotowsky wrote. "She even found a lucky penny when we walked out of the hospital this morning to our car. It might sound silly but her finding that penny (and of course being discharged from the hospital) made breathe a huge sigh of relief. Like that penny is going to keep her safe or something."

Fedotowsky praised her daughter for being "an absolute trooper in the hospital" when "she got poked and pricked so many times because they were having trouble finding veins because of her dehydration."

"I’m just so proud of her! She’s my little rock star!" Fedotowsky gushed. "Thank you for all the love and well wishes. It’s crazy how things can change so quickly and how your view of the world can change just as quickly. I’m living today and every day moving forward with so much more gratitude."

On her Instagram Story, Fedotowsky recounted how she came to find out that Molly was dehydrated. It all started Monday night, when the child woke up throwing up and couldn't keep so much as a sip of water down all day.

Nausea medicine helped the next day, and Molly was able to eat and drink a bit. "I thought she might be getting better," Fedotowsky wrote.

But on Wednesday, Molly's fever spiked to 104 and she "couldn't stay awake during the day for more than a few minutes at a time." That afternoon, Fedotowsky wrote, Molly "became very unresponsive."

"She stopped coherently answering my questions and really couldn't open her eyes and they kept rolling back in her head," Fedotowsky recalled. "I panicked. It happened so quickly. And looking back I'm so upset with myself for not taking her to the doctor sooner."

The concerned mom rushed Molly to the doctor, where COVID-19 and flu tests came back negative, and she was found to have normal blood sugar. It was during other blood test that doctors learned the tot was "severely dehydrated" and opted to "keep her overnight to monitor her and give her continuous fluids."

Fedotowsky noted that she "wanted to share the story because I think it's important for parents (or anyone!) to know that even if your child is drinking fluids it doesn't mean that they're not dehydrated."

"A nasty stomach bug is going around so I felt compelled to share," she concluded. "Stay healthy, everyone!"

In an update on Thursday, Fedotowsky shared a video with Molly, who told viewers, "I really feel great!" The little one also revealed that she was cleared to go on a family vacation to Florida this weekend.


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