Alicia Keys on Her 'Beautiful Bond' With Swizz Beatz After 10 Years of Marriage (Exclusive)

ET also spoke with the singer about her new album, skincare line and residency on 'The Late Late Show.'

Life for Alicia Keys couldn't get any sweeter. The 15-time GRAMMY Award winner just released her seventh studio album, titled ALICIA, has done a superb job being the resident artist on The Late Late Show With James Corden, and recently celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss with her husband, Swizz Beatz. Keys opened up about her "beautiful bond" with the musician while speaking with ET's Keltie Knight, revealing how they've grown together over the past decades.

"What is so amazing is, both my husband and I, we started music so young. We were 14 and 15 years old when we first started everything," Keys, who shares 9-year-old son Egypt and 5-year-old son Genesis with Beatz, explained. "So it is really incredible to just see him creating this amazing Verzuz platform with Timbaland, and for us to just both be at our height and place where we have really continued to grow and evolve."

"It is an honor to do that together and to be able to do that with our first loves," Keys continued. "Each of our first loves is music, and to be able to do that continuously and for there to be genuine love and real connection, that's incredible."

The couple's 10-year wedding anniversary blew their minds, Keys said. "It feels like two years. It goes by so fast. We are so connected and we have such a beautiful bond," she expressed, adding that she can't believe she still gets to "wake up next to each other like, 'What are you doing here? Whoa, I can't believe I am with you, man!' It feels really really cool."

Beatz also helped produced the New York native's latest album, which she described as the "perfect" LP for her to release amid the current climate. She also added that it takes fans on an "incredible journey."

"I've been working on this for a while, and I've really just come into the discovery of who Alicia is, who I am fully, and so that's why I named the album Alicia," the songstress explained. "Because I can fully be myself for the first time ever in my life, all the sides, all the nuances, all the idiosyncrasies, all the crazies, all the everything."

"We all have so many parts that make us who we are and so many times we are only showing one part of ourselves," she continued. "And I love that the music reflects that, and you hear it with the way that it sounds, the way that it feels, and the lyrics, the stories, and it really takes you on an incredible journey."

It's been a busy time for Keys, who amid dropping an album also wraps up her residency on Corden on Thursday -- a gig she truly enjoyed.

"It's so incredible, and the whole Corden team has just… I think everybody's really feeling very grateful to be able to have music, have performances," she expressed. "I had so much fun when I was able to host for Corden that the one time I did, and I'd love to do it again. This time we definitely have some tricks up our sleeve. We have some fun things happening, a lot of fun skits and a lot of crazy things."

"I'm nervous because I may or may not have participated in 'Spill Your Guts,'" Keys teased.  

And that's not all, Keys is also blessing fans with a skincare line, Keys Soulcare. The multifaceted performer shared that this line is more than just taking care of one's skin, it's about self care and creating a ritual.

"We need it! The thing is we have the opportunity to do these things all the time but we really are not taught or shown how to cut out the space for ourselves," Keys relayed. "Keys Soulcare, absolutely, it begins with skin care, but the concept is really bigger. It really is about creating a ritual, it really is about creating these small moments for yourself where you really can have beautiful affirmations, or mantras, and remind yourself that you are dope and incredible and you are a masterpiece and you are magnificent and there is nothing that can stop you."

"We need to hear that because, man, the mind is crazy," she elaborated. "And next thing you know you are off in a world that does not even exist. Soulcare, we care for your soul."

"We talk about skin care, nail care, we talk about body care, but we don't ever talk about soul care. So I am honored to be able to conceptualize this in a way that can bring the community, all of us, together to build around experiences and how we care about ourselves," Keys added.

For more on the singer's latest ventures, watch below.