Alison Brie Teases 'GLOW' Season 3 and 'Complicated' Prospects of a Sam-Ruth Romance (Exclusive)

The 35-year-old actress tells ET that the move to Vegas will allow her to channel her own disdain for Sin City.

GLOW is headed to Sin City.

Alison Brie offered an early preview into what awaits the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling when Netflix's critically acclaimed dramedy returns for its third season and moves the story from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

"I'm so excited to see how that pans out. I wish I had information for you. I know nothing. Our writers are in the writers' room right now so they're breaking stories. I try to peel information daily," Brie told ET's Courtney Tezeno. "I'm so excited to see what these girls get up to in Las Vegas. I can't even imagine [it]."

"I think Ruth is going to hate Vegas; I kind of hate Vegas so I feel like it will be a good channeling," Brie hypothesized.

When asked why she's not a fan of Las Vegas, she asked, "I mean, what's to like? I have had fun in Vegas but obviously you can't spend more than 48 hours in Vegas or you turn into a pumpkin," the 35-year-old actress said. 

Brie also shed light on the final scene of season two, where Ruth took a seat on the bus next to director Sam (Marc Maron), prompting fans to speculate that perhaps the two were headed on a road for a potential romance in the coming season.

"Sam and Ruth have a very complicated relationship. I personally would like for it not to move too fast," Brie expressed, admitting that it'll take some getting used to if they do go down that romantic road. "It freaks me out for Ruth to have a real something with Sam. Bums me out a little, so I hope it doesn't go too fast. But I love Marc Maron so much, so it's a really fun dynamic to play onscreen."

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour in July, ET spoke with GLOW co-creator Carly Mensch about what awaits the GLOW ladies in the new season, where she promised fans that they have some cool ideas for the new year.

"We have many [plans]," Mensch told ET. "The joy of having 14 characters who went through so much in season two. We have a lot that we actually need to continue telling about because we kind of left you hanging with certain relationships [that] have just started -- the biggest cliffhanger being Vegas, which we fully intend on delivering on. We have a whole new set of things to explore and a potentially new place. We're pretty excited."

Mensch previewed what fans can expect following Ruth's non-plussed facial expression to close out the season, which left questions as to how she truly feels about the Vegas move.

"The final line that goes with [Ruth's expression at the end], 'I've never been to Vegas.' 'You're going to hate it,' it's a place that makes us trepidacious," Mensch said. "It's a place that makes the hair on our arms go up as women and as female storytellers looking at women in the entertainment industry. It's a place that makes us deeply uncomfortable. We aren't just sending our ladies with poms poms and like, 'It's amazing!' We realize it's a scary place to send them on some level. Ruth is a nerd. She is the last person who belongs in a showgirl culture. We were trying to flag that and signal the audience that we know this is a very uncomfortable place we're sending her to."

The first two seasons of GLOW are streaming on Netflix.