Allison Janney Is on the Lookout for a Man After Psychic Tells Her About Her Sex Life

Allison Janney

The 59-year-old actress may not be single for long!

Allison Janney is on the hunt for a hot new man!

The 59-year-old Mom actress appears on Wednesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show and reveals why she thinks a man is in her immediate future.

"I don't know about you, but I like to go see psychics... I kind of like it. It's kind of interesting," she says. "I went to this psychic and she kept saying she kept seeing this man that was going to come into my life. She said, 'I'm seeing a lot of things, Allison. I see a lot in the bedroom. This man is going to be... I'm seeing a lot of things he's doing to you. I'm gonna call him Hot Pants.'"

Ever since the reveal of so-called Hot Pants, Janney has kept her eyes wide open in search of the mysterious man, even getting out of her routine in the hopes of crossing his path.

"This was a couple of months ago, and I still haven't found Hot Pants. But I keep looking for him!" she admits. "And it keeps making me... go do things I wouldn't normally do. Like, 'I'm going to go get the oil changed in my car because maybe Hot Pants will be there.' It's getting me out of my house and, I don't know if that's what she was really trying to do, but I keep doing more things than I usually do."

"That's why I'm here today," she quips, before pointing at a man in the audience and asking, "Are you Hot Pants?"

When the 60-year-old host points out that it's a little odd that Janney's psychic is picturing her in the bedroom, the actress admits that the psychic was "kind of embarrassed about what she was seeing."

"But she's also said a lot of over things that have come true," she says. As for what those true predictions were, Janney joked that she's "not at liberty to discuss some of those things."

Janney also talks about her much-lauded spread in InStyle last year -- where she stunned in a red bathing suit -- and why, though initially being hesitant, she agreed to the pics.

"Laura Brown, the editor, talked me into it. I kept saying no. I kept sending her texts saying, 'Yeah, I'm not feeling it. I don't think we should do that. I think this a mistake. I think it should be beach cover-ups. I don't think we should do this,'" she reveals. "She wasn't going to let me out of it."

"I knew, I had been working out with this trainer, but I still am that person who cannot be in a bathing suit. The walk [on] the beach from my chair to the ocean is the worst walk of my life. I hate it," she continues. "I'm not anyone who's comfortable in a bathing suit, but I knew that I would get a spray tan and I knew that there's such a thing as retouching. I mean, the shape is there, but there's some nibbles and bits that were covered up."

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