Allison Janney Reveals If She Actually Slept With Her Oscar (Exclusive)

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The actress joked that winning an Academy Awards has made her 'intolerable' on the set of 'Mom.'

Allison Janney has a very special relationship with her Oscar.

The 58-year-old actress loved winning her award so much that she told ET she'd be happily taking the trophy to bed with her -- but did she actually do it? 

"I did not actually put him in bed with me... but he was in the bedroom with me!" Janney revealed to ET on the red carpet ahead of Mom's panel at PaleyFest on Saturday. "So when I woke up, he was the first thing I saw." 

"That was a pretty great moment for me," she gushed. 

Winning an Oscar has definitely made Janney a new woman. The actress joked that in the weeks since collecting her award, she's become "intolerable" on the set of her CBS sitcom, Mom. "I demand that Anna [Faris] bring me everything and help me memorize my lines," she cracked, before confessing that Faris and the rest of the Mom crew "very much brought me back down to reality." 

"I love Anna for so many reasons, but mostly because she and I, we just have a similar sensibility about work, work ethic and we like to have fun," Janney expressed. "We like to have a set that’s a really loving set. We want everyone to feel comfortable. We want everyone to feel that their ideas can be heard and expressed. And we just, we enjoy each other. We love each other." 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Faris, too, couldn't help but rave about her on-screen mom. "I love, of course, working with Allison. I get to drive to work everyday happy knowing that I get to work with somebody that, who is such a dear friend, and that I get to annoy all the time," she raved, before dishing on their hilarious dance video on Instagram. 

"This is what happens in between sort of scene set ups, Allison and I get obnoxious. Well, I’m probably… I’m the obnoxious one," Faris explained. "Allison is always classy and amazing."

"I can't believe she put that on!" Janney added. "[The secret] is wanting to make the biggest fool out of myself, literally."

"We do love music, and I turned her onto some songs. Definitely Tech N9ne is one of our favorite groups, so we do a lot of crazy dancing," she shared. "Right before we do the show, too, it gets us going, gets our blood going and it makes us have fun."

See more on Janney and Faris in the video below.