Ellen DeGeneres Gives Allison Janney a Hunky (and Hilarious) Oscar Win Do-Over Celebration!

2018 Oscars, Allison Janney
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Oscar winner had an early morning table read the morning after her big win, prohibiting her from 'properly celebrating' -- which Ellen promptly corrected.

Allison Janney finally got a proper Oscar win celebration, courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres.

On Monday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Degeneres ribbed the first-time Oscar winner for her acceptance speech and her lack of after-party activities. Janney, 58 won Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Tonya Harding's mother, LaVona, in I, Tonya.

"Do you regret not thanking me," DeGeneres asked Janney out of the gate.

"A little bit, I do," Janney responded, chuckling.

So, DeGeneres made Janney stand up and give another speech.

"I also would be remiss if I didn't thank Ellen DeGeneres and Betty DeGeneres, really, who started my career...." she began, only to be hilariously interrupted by the telltale "play-off" Oscars music used to get speakers to wrap it up. "I also want to say how... wait, what, wrap it up? I'm not done."

Janney's speech was a highlight of the Oscars, with her joking, "I did it all by myself" upon receiving the award. But she told Degeneres that she was terrified of going over and getting the real Oscars play-off music.

But Degeneres was most concerned that Janney didn't get a proper celebration after winning, thanks to an early morning table read for the CBS sitcom Mom the morning after.

"I felt that you didn't get to celebrate, so I wanted to give you a celebration because I think you deserve it," Degeneres said, impishly. "So come on out."

Cue the shirtless hunks, who came out to Ginuwine's bump-n-grind classic, "Pony." The hunks surrounded Janney, draped a sash reading "I did it all by myself" around her and then gave her some up-close-and-personal dancing.

Janney blushed, but embraced the attention, losing her mic in the process.

"Now lift me up fellas," she said.

The hunks obliged. And Janney finally got her proper celebration.

The episode airs Monday on NBC.

To see Janney's low-key Oscar celebration with the cast of Mom, watch the video below.