Allison Janney Teaches Anna Faris 'How to Dance Like a Cool Person' in Silly Video

allison janney anna faris
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Allison Janney is just too cool!

The 58-year-old Mom star -- and recent Oscar winner -- took the time on Friday to teach her on-screen daughter, Anna Faris, some of her slick dance moves, proving that she's not like regular moms, she's a cool mom.

"My Academy Award winning mom is teaching me how to dance like a cool person," Faris wrote on Instagram alongside a silly video of the two dancing together.

One day after taking home the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in I, Tonya, Faris congratulated her TV mom and dearest friend when Janney returned back to work on the Mom set.

"I know you know how much I love you," Faris said during a table read. "But I also, I hope that you know -- I'm sure that you do -- that everyone here in this room loves you, of course not only for your brilliance, but because you are just such a f**king amazing person."

Faris also posted a sweet picture of the two where she's holding Janney's golden statuette.

"Allison won!!! And I got to hold it!!!! It’s heavy as shit!!!" she captioned the snap.

For more on how Janney celebrated her Oscar win, watch below.


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