Ally Brooke Wants to Act and Star Alongside Milo Ventimiglia on 'This Is Us' (Exclusive)

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Ally Brooke would love to be a part of the Pearson family!

The 25-year-old singer recently stopped by ET to talk about her new single, "Low Key" feat. Tyga, but revealed she'd also be open to acting someday... especially if it involves working with the This Is Us cast.

"Absolutely, when the time is right and the right opportunity and role [presents itself], that would be pretty phenomenal," Ally told ET's Cassie DiLaura of the idea of acting. "I would like to do more film. I think if it was a TV show I'd love to do, like, a guest role or a small role."

"It just depends on the scenario," she added. "If I could ever be on This is Us, that would be amazing."

Ally has been a longtime fan of the popular NBC series, and although she already got to visit the set in 2017, she said she has yet to meet Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson.

"I hope I get to meet him next time!" she exclaimed. "You know what's funny, actually, this is like a geeky moment. I was a huge fan of Heroes so I'd watch him all the time on that show [as Peter Petrelli]. And then I actually saw the commercial for This Is Us, like, weeks before it aired or got close to airing and I was like, 'That's Milo! Like, Oh my gosh! After all these years, that's him!' He's just so incredible on that show, oh my god, all of them are."

"I have to meet Milo, but I have met everyone else, and they're all, like, the nicest human beings on the Earth," she continued. "I'll never forget that day being on the set. Everybody was so kind, they were so thankful that I was there, and I would love to go back on set soon. So, hopefully, I can."

Judging from a tweet that Chrissy Metz, who portrays Kate Pearson, posted in July 2017, she's also totally down for an Ally cameo. "We're thinking it's time to have you ON the show," the actress wrote following Ally's set visit.

And while acting would be a "bucket list dream" for Ally, right now she is focusing on her music and the upcoming release of her memoir, Finding Your Harmony, due out in April.

"It's actually been a long time coming," she explains. "I've always had stories that I've picked up in the last few years, things I learned in the group [Fifth Harmony] and even stuff before that."

"I've been through a lot, just a lot of self-discovery, from being a little girl and not knowing who you are and insecure to being a woman now who is actually confident and sure of herself," she added. "It's an evolution, and I want to be able to help people through my story -- to hopefully inspire people to find who they are, or to even be just a fraction of that. ... I knew a lot of my fans were struggling with insecurities. Some of them are young, some of them are older, some of them are my age. So, I just want to use another outlet to help."

Hear more from Ally's exclusive sit-down with ET in the video below.


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