Ally Brooke Ready for 'True Beginning' With Debut Solo Single 'Low Key' (Exclusive)

The 25-year-old singer stops by ET to talk about new music, her solo career and more.

Ally Brooke is ready for fans to "get to know" a whole new side of her!

The 25-year-old singer stopped by ET's studio in Los Angeles, where she talked about everything from Fifth Harmony to her debut solo single, "Low Key" feat. Tyga.

"Oh my gosh, I am so excited. I'm really, I'm just at a loss for words," Ally tells ET's Cassie DiLaura of the song, which was released on Tuesday with the official music video. "Before this came out, I was so nervous ... I called my parents and was like, 'Mom and Dad, it's really happening,' and they were like, 'I know, mama!'"

"We were more excited than anything because it's been such a journey for me -- such a long time coming and a dream," she continues. "I'm just, like, in the clouds right now."

Ally tells ET that getting rapper Tyga on board was an "insane" moment for her, and it all happened thanks to her new label, Atlantic Records. She says once the idea of having him featured on the track was mentioned, he was on the record "within a matter of days."

"Tyga is on my song, like, that's crazy!" Ally gushes, adding that she'd also love to work with Cardi B, Maluma, Ozuna and Bad Bunny some day. "He frickin' killed it, honestly. I couldn't stop playing [his verse]. I played it 20 times in a row, I was like, 'This is so sick!'"

"So yeah, it was insane," she adds. "I was like, 'Wow, all the stars are aligning right now.' After waiting for so long, [thinking], 'What's going to be my first single? What's going to be my sound? What am I going to present the world?' And this happened. It was so meant to be."

And with lyrics like "Low key, low key, you should really get to know me," Ally says the song actually has a double meaning.

"You have mainly the message of like, 'Get to know me,' like [in a] relationship and flirting [way]. It's like, 'Hey, I know you're noticing me, but you should get to know me,' it's that kind of confidence," she explains. "But I guess in my case too it's really cool because it also has another meaning of, 'Hey, get to know me, I'm a human and a woman and I'm my own person and this is what I have to offer you and the world.' I think that's really cool."

With the release of "Low Key" -- a song that's guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance! -- Ally's long-awaited solo career officially begins, following her massive success with the all-girl group Fifth Harmony. She says she's recorded over 40 tracks the past few months, which she hopes to release soon.

"I've been working so hard at this," says Ally. "I started [singing at] 9 years old and I had a dream. At 12, I came out here [to Los Angeles] with my parents, tried to make it on my own for years, and then, you know, the group happened and my life changed."

"So now it's like, this is the origin of so much for me, the true beginning," she continues. "And it's unlike anything else. I'm just so happy and excited and grateful because it takes a lot to get here. It takes a lot of people to believe in you and so many things to go right, so I'm just so happy."

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Along with Ally, Dinah Jane, Normani and Lauren Jauregui are also branching out on solo endeavors, following in the footsteps of Camila Cabello, who departed the group in 2016. But Ally couldn't be more proud to see how far they've all come since they were grouped together on The X Factor back in 2012.

"Everyone is kind of in their own world," she says. "Everybody's so busy because everybody has music and they have their own schedules."

"Everyone is doing amazing and looking amazing," she continues. "I'm just happy for everyone!"

In addition to her new music, Ally is also gearing up for the release of her memoir, Finding Your Harmony, due out in April. "It's actually been a long time coming," she says of the book. "I've always had stories that I've picked up in the last few years, things I learned in the group and even stuff before that."

"I've been through a lot, just a lot of self-discovery, from being a little girl and not knowing who you are and insecure to being a woman now who is actually confident and sure of herself," she adds. "It's an evolution, and I want to be able to help people through my story -- to hopefully inspire people to find who they are, or to even be just a fraction of that. ... I knew a lot of my fans were struggling with insecurities. Some of them are young, some of them are older, some of them are my age. So, I just want to use another outlet to help."

Hear more on Ally and her upcoming memoir in the video below.