Alyson Stoner Talks ‘Scary’ Coming Out Process After Moving Essay (Exclusive)

The 24-year-old actress spoke with ET’s Keltie Knight at the ‘Blockers’ premiere on Tuesday.

Alyson Stoner may have come across as confident and in charge of her sexuality in her touching Teen Vogue piece last week, but she admitted to ET that the process wasn’t easy.

Speaking to ET’s Keltie Knight at the Blockers premiere on Tuesday, Stoner noted, “To be completely honest, the non-canned answer is that it's still kind of scary, because I think it's a personal journey of discovery and there's a lot of confusion involved no matter who you are and what you're struggling with.

Stoner got very candid in her piece, revealing that she’s fallen in love with a woman and that she went through intense therapy to try to understand the root of her attraction.

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"Our bond didn't feel quite sisterly or platonic," the 24-year-old actress wrote. "Flashes of her smile progressed to flashes of her wavy hair followed by the curve of her hips through her straight-leg pants. I realized I had never fantasized about a guy this way, nor really ever felt comfortable dating guys."

After some internal struggles, Stoner is embracing her sexuality.

“I'm thankful that there's a community of people who want to support and if we're representing it in film and TV that means that many more young people can find themselves in characters,” Stoner told ET. “And it's no strange agenda. We're not trying to force any belief system. It's just simply allowing people to be who they really are.

Blockers hits theaters on April 6.  


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