Amanda Seyfried's Son Makes Rare Appearance During Her 'Today' Interview

The actress welcomed her baby boy last September.

Amanda Seyfried had a special visitor during her interview with Willie Geist. The actress' baby boy made a surprise appearance towards the end of her interview on Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist, sitting with his mom as she wrapped up her chat. 

Seyfried and her husband, Thomas Sadoski, welcomed their son in September, announcing the news on War Child USA's Instagram account. The pair are also parents to a 4-year-old daughter, Nina. 

The new mom of two told Geist that amid the coronavirus pandemic, she's been able to "squeeze in so much more work" from home, with her kids always nearby. "The benefits outweigh everything," she said. 

That's when Seyfried's baby boy joined the conversation. See the sweet moment around the 6:30 mark below. 

Seyfried and her family live on a working farm in the Catskills of Upstate New York -- which she said was a "very conscious" decision. "I've always wanted to live on a farm. I just need to feel grounded somewhere that I can trust will always be there," she said of creating a grounded home base away from Hollywood. 

As Seyfried explained during the interview, she still suffers from panic attacks from being in the spotlight, which feel like "life or death." 

"That's what a panic attack is, really," she shared. "Your body just goes into fight or flight. The endorphin rush and the dump that happens after the panic attack is so extraordinary. You just feel so relieved and your body is just kind of recovered in a way. It's so bizarre because it's physiological, but it starts in your head."

The Mank star added that she's constantly trying to prove to people that she's normal, and not waited on hand and foot. "I do not have someone waking me up with breakfast in bed, and I'm not chauffeured around," she said. 

Seyfried opened up to ET last year about setting boundaries around how much to share of her children's lives. Watch below.