Amber Heard Describes Johnny Depp Allegedly Penetrating Her With Bottle, Threatening to Carve Up Her Face

The actress claims the alleged incident happened in 2015 in Australia about a month after they tied the knot.

Amber Heard described in explicitly graphic nature a series of alleged incidents at the hands of Johnny Depp shortly after their marriage, with the most heinous alleged act involving the actor using a liquor bottle to penetrate his then-wife.

Heard sobbed uncontrollably Thursday on the witness stand as she painted a horrid picture of what she claimed took place in Australia in March 2015, merely a month after she and Depp tied the knot in L.A. before celebrating the nuptials on his private island in the Bahamas.

Heard had just finished wrapping The Danish Girl and hopped on a plane to visit Depp in Australia, where he was filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. According to her testimony, things turned ugly the second she arrived, adding that the telling sign was he had lost a lot of weight. She claimed he pulled out a bag of MDMA and asked her to take some with him, but that she declined. However, once he started drinking, the fighting started. Most notably, she claimed that, on the second day of her being in Australia, things escalated out of control when Depp allegedly repeatedly smashed a phone in front of her face before using a liquor bottle to both threaten her and penetrate her.

"He has me up against the wall. I mean, I hit my head hard," she claimed. "He had me by the neck. Squeezing my neck. It got really nasty. He started to tell me that everyone had warned him about me, and wished he had never married me. He wished he had never met me, no one liked me. I shoved him hard to get him off me. He shoved me back and he said, 'Do you want to go, little girl?' At some point I’m in a struggle with him, holding his shirt, and he just flings me, throws me across the room, and I'm on a ping-pong table. He gets on top of me. He was just whacking me in the face."

Heard claimed they struggled while on top of the ping-pong table before she finally got up off the table. She claimed Depp held a liquor bottle at this point and taunted her, and said that when she tried to reach for the bottle, he would pull it back and laugh at her.

She further alleged, "Third time or so, I get a hold of it, and slam it down in between us. Wine goes everywhere. It really set him off. It was like a lightbulb switch went off and he started screaming. I don’t know if he backhanded me, but it slapped me down to the ground. He has a bottle in his hand. He threw it and it missed me. At some point, he had a broken bottle against my face-neck, area, and he told me he would carve up my face. It was terrifying."

Heard claimed Depp, who has never made eye contact with his ex wife during the entire testimony, started throwing beer and soda cans at her, "one after the other." She said another struggle ensued, and again claimed Depp had her against the wall. 

"He’s punching the wall. Had my nightgown on, he ripped it off my chest," she alleged. "He’s taunting me, he has my breast in his hands. I was naked. Slipping around on this tile. I was trying to get my footing. I felt very destabilized. At some point I’m up against the wall and he's screaming at me that I ruined his life. I get free from him, I step back from him and it’s like his energy shifted to the phone. He went from punching the wall and picking up that phone and screaming at the top of his lungs and slamming the phone up against the wall where I’m being held. It was over and over again, smashing the phone into the wall. Every single time the phone was breaking into the wall. He’s smashing it to smithereens."

"At one point, he’s on top of me. No phone. Screaming again. 'I hate you. You ruined my f**king life.' I couldn't see him anymore. His eyes were black. He was looking at me. My head was bashing against the wall. I couldn’t breathe," she claimed.

It's at this point that Heard begins sobbing out of control while describing what allegedly happened next.

"The next thing I remember, I was bent over backwards on the bar, and my chest was up, and staring at the blue light. I thought he was punching me. I felt this pressure on my pubic bone and he was penetrating. I just saw his arm and I could feel his arm moving and it looked like he was punching me but I could feel this pressure," she claimed. 

She further claimed that she "didn't know if the bottle he had inside me was broken" and that she "couldn't feel it."

Heard sobbed when asked if Depp penetrated her vagina with a liquor bottle. She alleged he shoved it inside her repeatedly, causing her vagina to bleed. This appears to be the incident Dr. Dawn Hughes, a clinical and forensic psychologist hired by Heard's legal team, testified to earlier this week. 

The fights in Australia, according to Heard, had been triggered by a series of events, including Depp's alleged drinking, Heard claiming Depp grew jealous of her working with Eddie Redmayne on The Danish Girl as well as her working with Billy Bob Thornton on London Fields. Heard also claimed Depp was upset she had been "mean" to one of his sisters. 

The actress, on the second day she took the witness stand, had previously testified to Depp allegedly kicking her and berating her for working with James Franco on The Adderall Diaries.

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