Amber Stevens West Talks Black Girl Magic on 'Run the World' and Meeting Her Husband on 'Greek' (Exclusive)

The actress also talks meeting her husband on 'Greek' and expanding her family.

Amber Stevens West has plenty of reasons to celebrate nowadays, and two of them are coming into the world soon -- her new series, Run the World, and her second child with husband Andrew J. West! 

The former actress chatted with ET's Melicia Johnson about the upcoming Starz show and the newest member of her family with her former Greek co-star. 

Run the World follows the tried-and-true formula of many shows that came before it, following the adventures of four friends as they navigate their relationships -- both romantic and platonic -- and their careers. Amber stars as one of the core group of women, Whitney, alongside Andrea Bordeaux (Ella), Bresha Webb (Renee) and Corbin Reid (Sondi). 

Revealing that she's already watched the entire show with her co-stars, Amber has nothing but pride in the work. "We binge-watched it as a group over Zoom together, and it's so good. We all cried when we finished watching it and just were like, 'I can't believe we were a part of this,'" she said. "This is such an epic television show, and so important and so well done."

The actress called the show "obsessable" and said what makes the series especially strong is that it's a good ensemble show. "You really get to dive in deep with all four of these women, and what's going on in their lives and the relationship that they have with each other. There's so much to envy in their relationships, and in their personal lives and their careers. The show could go on forever. There's so much story to be told," she gushed.

And although viewers may want to compare the series to shows that have similar formats, such as Sex in the CityGirlfriends and, of course, Living Single, Amber said that she feels that Run the World's time sets it apart from its predecessors. She noted how the show is a "reflection of what's going on currently in our culture," and that while the other shows are timeless in their ways, this series is "for our time." 

Most notably, Amber said the series teaches that Black friendships, especially between women, don't have to be centered on competition or the idea that there isn't enough space for everyone. "That's not really how life is. You can have it all, and you can have supportive friends who show up for you, there's space for all of us to thrive. That is the reality, and so we're just showing that in this show," she said. 

And when it comes to her other big news, Amber said she's been looking forward to adding to her family. "My daughter is so excited to be a sister and just talks about this baby all day long," she said, referring to 2-year-old daughter Ava

Although she played coy about revealing the gender of the baby, Amber did take a moment to reflect on meeting her husband while working on Greek, which she shared could have gone very differently since ABC was debating sending Andrew to another show. 

"He actually was up for a different role on ABC Family on a different show at the same exact time. They had to decide which show they were going to put him on," she explained. "So, they just decided that they wanted him to play Fisher, and thank God they did, because they got me a husband!"

Run the World will premiere on Starz on May 16 at 8:30/7:30c. 


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