Amelia Hamlin Opens Up About Struggling With an Eating Disorder

Amelia Hamlin
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Rolla's

The model explains what she's learned about herself since coming 'out of the other side of it.'

Amelia Gray Hamlin is getting candid on her past struggle with an eating disorder.

In honor of International Women's Day on Monday, the 19-year-old model posted a video to Instagram in which she explained what the day means to her. "Today is #InternationalWomensDay, a day where we as women are celebrated," she captioned the clip. "We celebrate the power that being a woman comes with. The strength, the perseverance. We are reminded to be proud of our sexuality, to be proud of our bodies, and to challenge ourselves every day to love ourselves more and more."

"Some days confidence comes easier, sometimes it’s a challenge," she added, "but if we all make a commitment to lift each other up, it will come more often."

Hamlin also shared what it was like overcoming an eating disorder just a few years ago, and opened up about the things she's learned about herself in the process.

"I struggled with an eating disorder when I was 14 and I'm so lucky that I came out of the other side of it," she said. "I learned so many amazing things from it that I honestly wouldn't take back."

"I've never loved myself as much as I do now, which is so important. I think it's the most important quality any woman can have," she continued. "It's just self-love, self-respect, self-confidence and body positivity."

Hamlin -- who has recently been linked to Scott Disick -- added that she learned a lot of these important lessons from her "biggest inspiration," her mother, Lisa Rinna.

"She taught me how to love myself, how to unapologetically be myself, how to make fun of myself, and self-deprecate myself in amazing ways that actually ended up helping me with my confidence, and not take myself too seriously," she explained. "I think that's a really big key to life."

In an August 2019 interview with ET, Rinna said she was "super proud" of her daughter for previously opening up about her past struggle with anorexia.

"Every parent knows [that] you're only as happy as your least happy child, if I may say," the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said. "So it's tough, you know? But it's been great. Amelia's been great. and I think we've helped a lot of people. She's helped a lot of people. So I'm just proud."

Hamlin first spoke about her struggle in a lengthy post shared to Instagram in March 2018, saying, "There was no doubt that I was not OK" in 2017.

"I feel like sometimes people forget that just because your job involves being in front of the camera, doesn’t mean you can’t have bad days. We’re human. All of us," she wrote at the time. "Instead of people ever commenting on my mental stability, people commented on my weight. Usually, when people are struggling with an eating disorder it stems from your mind, and your body is a reflection of it. I could go on and on about that time of my life, but the most important part about it was waking up one morning and deciding to stop sabotaging myself."

"I went through this journey not for attention, not for people to pitty [sic] me, but to help. I am on this earth to help people, and I know that," she continued. "I have a lot of health complications after starving myself for so long so it’s going to be a journey that I go through for a large part of my life... but I am getting there. One day at a time."

Hear more in the video below.