'American Housewife' Finale Sneak Peek: 'Community' Stars Joel McHale and Jim Rash Reunite (Exclusive)

The ABC sitcom wraps up its fifth season on Wednesday.

It's a mini Community reunion!

American Housewife finishes out its fifth season on Wednesday with former Greendale co-stars Joel McHale and Jim Rash sharing the screen once more on the finale of the ABC sitcom, and only ET premieres an exclusive sneak peek.

McHale guest stars as Doyle Bradford, the richest man in Westport and Cooper’s autocratic father, whose son -- Oliver's best friend -- has a passion for the culinary arts and a desire to become a chef. His expectations for Cooper’s future are non-negotiable until he’s confronted by something all the travel and money in the world can’t prepare him for: Katie Otto. 

In the exclusive clip, Katie (Katy Mixon) learns from Walker (Rash) that the "hunk in that hunky suit hunkin' up the place" who walks in with two other similarly dressed suits is none other than Cooper's dad, who Katie has never met. 

"You'd think with all that money and those good looks, he'd be a son of a b***h...," Walker says. "And you'd be right. Everyone kisses his a** because he's the richest man in town, but I come from money so it doesn't impress me."

When it's pointed out that Doyle's waiting for an open table, Walker immediately shoos away a group of patrons. And when Doyle sits down, Walker can't help but drop in a compliment. After some discussion with her friends Tami (Holly Robinson Peete) and J.D. (Jake Choi), Katie decides to introduce herself to Doyle, who thinks she works for parking enforcement. 

"I'm Oliver's mother...," Katie says, hoping there's an inkling of recognition on his end. "Your son lives at our house?" 

"Oh! Right! Connie, yes, thank you for looking after Cooper. He loves being at your house. He says it's like camping," Doyle replies with a smirk. Things are about to get interesting alright.

The season 5 finale of American Housewife airs Wednesday, March 31 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. For more, watch below.

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