'America's Got Talent': 10-Year-Old Opera Prodigy Earns Golden Buzzer From Guest Judge Jay Leno

The comedian was blown away by Emanne Beasha diva-level voice and performance during the final night of the Judge Cuts round.

At only 10 years old, it's hard to believe that Emanne Beasha could possibly sing with the level of emotion and nuanced skill that she does. However, on Tuesday's America's Got Talent, the young opera diva proved that her talent is the real deal.

Before taking the stage, Beasha adorably opened up in a pre-taped package about how she's been singing since she was "very little" -- which, for a 10-year-old, can only be a few years ago -- and she showed off her super sweet stuffed unicorn that she brought for good luck.

Essentially, before she even took the stage for her Judge Cuts performance, she'd already won over the hearts and minds of everyone watching, and as soon as she began to sing, any remaining doubts were instantly erased.

Unlike many other young singers who wow the audiences every year, Beasha didn't turn to any beloved pop hits or soulful classics. Instead, she belted out "Caruso," an opera tune, which she sang in Italian, that was a perfect showcase for her powerhouse voice.

The cheerful and endlessly charming prodigy was overwhelmed by the massive standing ovation that came at the end of her performance, which included all five of the judges.

"You're only 10 years old, and we are seeing acts come out here and they're sweating, and they're not performing to par, they're not stepping it up, and they're double your age," Howie Mandel said after her act. "And then you come out here and you show them how it's done."

Simon Cowell was equally effusive, telling the songstress, "To have a voice like this isn't something you can train to get. It genuinely is a gift."

"I feel like I am witness to something extremely special," guest judge Jay Leno explained. "At some point in my career, people will say, 'What do you remember the most?' And I'll say, 'I remember hitting the Golden Buzzer.'"

True to his word, Jay slammed the coveted buzzer, showering Beasha in shimmering confetti and bringing her to tears. This means we'll get to see her perform once again during the live rounds in coming weeks.

Last week, fans were treated to the third night of the Judge Cuts round, with special guest judge, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Ellie Kemper, who awarded the Golden Buzzer to mind-blowing LED dance crew Light Balance Kids, made up of teenagers hailing from Ukraine.

For more on the exciting AGT Judge Cuts Round, including last week's inspiring Golden Buzzer winners, check out the video below.

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.



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