'America's Got Talent': 9-Year-Old Opera Singer Closes Out Shaky Quarterfinals Night With Epic Performance

NBC's hit talent competition returns Tuesday for the first live round, and ET is breaking down all the biggest moments of the night.

America's Got Talent returns to TV on Tuesday after last week's first live show of the season! ET is following along throughout the two-hour episode to break down all the best, biggest and most surprising moments from the second night of the quarterfinals.

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum will be judging and voting on the cream of the crop contestants who made it past their brutal cuts as the remaining hopefuls give it their all in hopes of keeping their AGT dreams alive.

During last Wednesday's first elimination night, the judges pared down the competition, selecting seven acts to move forward to the semifinals, and sending five acts packing. The acts who made it through include 10-year-old singer Peter Rosalita, magician Dustin Tavella, singing trio 1aChord, stand-up comic Gina Brillon, and Golden Buzzer winner Jimmie Herrod. Additionally, stand-up comic Kabir Singh and songstress Madilyn Bailey won the public vote save.

Tonight, the fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, and you can follow along with ET for a look at all the acts who gave it their best shot during the final night of auditions on this season of America's Got Talent.

Victory Brinker Delivers Pure Beauty

This 9-year-old singer is next-level.

Victory Brinker knows how to deliver opera that is so far beyond her hears it's unimaginable.

Simon predicts she's going to become one of the biggest acts to ever come out of a reality competition show when she grows up.

Heidi says her voice is unreal and it's almost impossible to believe its her singing.

The all-hands Golden Buzzer seems like it was well deserved!

Josh Blue Pokes Fun of Simon's Bike Accident

Josh Blue is an accomplished, acclaimed stand-up comic, and tonight's set is proof of how funny and edgy he can be.

Josh is famous for incorporating his own struggles with Cerebral Palsy and in tonight's set he jokes about how the "disabled community" is the world's biggest minority group, because people just pile all disabled people into the same general category.

He says that one thing people often forget, when they are being rude or mean to disabled people, is "We're also the only minority group that you can join at any time."

"You're just one bad bike ride away," Josh adds. "Ain't that right, Simon?"

Simon, for his part, laughs off the quip and nods sheepishly. Simon really likes the act and says he thinks Josh is "going to sail through into the semis."

Korean Soul Belt Out a Rock Tune

This singing group from Seoul decides to change things up and deliver a rock song in their style -- and they choose Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

The performance is spot-on, and their stage presence is evident. However, the reception from the judges is mixed.

Heidi calls the performance "snoozey" while Simon says the song choice was "predictable" and not super exciting.

Sofia, however, loves the group and Howie says the performance is his favorite moment of the night thus far.

Mentalist Peter Antoniou Has Sofia Chow Down

Last time, Peter Antoniou used a whole bunch of boxes in his act. This time around, he's using cans.

Basically, he has an act that involves Sofia eating from a can that Simon chooses, and gross foods and an eventual prediction. It's a bit convoluted, but he manages to pull it off and it impresses everyone on the judges panel.

"I love how there's so many layers to your act. You tell a story, but it's easy to follow what's happening, and it's super engaging," Heidi says. "I love it. You always think of something new. It's always special. I love it."

Positive Impact Movement Brings Muscle Beach to the Dolby Theater

Positive Impact Movement is a group of four, very fit, handsome men who take off their shirts and then perform feats of acrobatics, balancing and generally impressive athleticism.

The act involves them standing on each other's shoulders and tossing around basketballs and generally looking hot while doing it.

Simon buzzes them early on, as he feels the act looks messy and unpolished. However, Sofia and Heidi are huge fans and cheer loudly after the performance.

Northwell Health Nurse Choir Brings the Feels

Howie's Golden Buzzer winners wow once more with their stunning performance of "You Will Be Found."

The choir, made up entire of frontline works and heath professionals, stirred a lot of emotions in the judges.

"We hear ad nauseam, 'We're all in this together.' We couldn't be in this together if there weren't people like you saving our lives," Howie says. "That was the most beautiful moment. America, you would be crazy if you didn't vote for them."

Aidan Bryant Flies High

Aidan is a self-taught 16-year-old aerialist who is simply amazing with what he's taught himself. 

"You have to be you're an inspiration to so many we have seen so many aerial acts on this stage that have been doing it for 10, 15 years. You've been doing it for two years," Heidi marvels.

"He's 16 years old. He had no safety mat he could have broke his neck. This is the best live performance by a mile," Simon says. "This is a star in the making, a Vegas act, what this show is all about. You are the one to beat."

Shuffolution Shuffles With Lots of Production

Shuffolution was one of the best, most exciting acts from the auditions.

Tonight, they hit the stage and put on a really well-rehearsed number with a lot of bright lights and colors.

Like so many other acts tonight, the performance seems almost overly produced and the group suffers from getting lost in their own set design and lighting effects.

Simon says he's disappointed in the performance and it seems the rest of the judges wholeheartedly agree.

Tory Vagasy Has a 'Heart of Stone'

The Broadway songstress Tory Vagasy blew away the judge (except Howie) during her audition, and now she's bringing a whole new kind of Broadway tune to the stage.

Tory belted out "Heart of Stone" from SIX the Musical, and it stunned the judges (again, except Howie).

While Howie doesn't like Broadway music, Simon points out that her audition especially shined compared to Johnny Showcase's performance.

When asked what Tory has  to say to her fans, and to Howie, she hilariously replied, "Don't let the Howies of the world get you down. Don't ever do it. Be yourself!"

Johnny Showcase Gets Buzzed

This quarterfinals has not gotten off to a good start.

This is the third act in a row in which the judges have NOT been feeling the love for the acts.

Johnny Showcase comes out to deliver a tune about... something. An octopus? Tentacles? It's a bit hard to get the funk music's point.

Simon hates it, and actually buzzes them (not super common when it comes to quarterfinals acts) and the Howie, of all people, follows suit.

Unexpectedly, Heidi absolutely loves their act, and Sofia is just baffled by the whole thing.

K-Dance Crew Elevates the Game

They might be a Korean dance group, but Dokteuk Crew don't have a problem embracing the Americana cowboy aesthetic for their incredible quarterfinals performance.

Blending neon hues of red (orange?), white and blew, Dokteuk Crew set their dance routine set to Lil Nas X's "Call Me By Your Name," and delivered something over-the-top.

Unfortunately, the bigger-than-life production made the judges feel like they were harder to see and that they were lost in the lighting cues and set design.

Fans will have to judge for themselves when its time to vote.

T3 Belts Out Olivia Rodrigo

T3 isn't so much a boyband as it is a grown man bad -- three vocalists and friends who started singing in January 2020, and have really learned how to deliver unique performances.

For their quarterfinals performance, the group decide to belt out Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U," which shows off their incredible harmonies.

Unfortunately, the guys decision to use music instead of just a capella doesn't sit well with Heidi or Simon, and Simon goes to far as to see the guys "blew it" with their performance.

It's hard to tell how that's going to play out when it comes to audience votes tomorrow.

2nd Quarterfinals, Here We Go!

It's already been a week since the first Quarterfinals, and AGT is live from Hollywood yet again for the second night of this season's quarterfinals!

Another 12 contestants will hit the stage tonight, with only 7 moving on after tomorrow's results show.

Lets get this quarterfinals going! Can't wait to see which hopefuls get through the judges cuts to make it to the Dolby tonight!

Check out the video below to hear more from the judges about this season's live quarterfinals rounds, and what it's like to be back in front of a real audience after the pandemic impacted last season's finals.



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