'America's Got Talent': Judges Team Up to Give 9-Year-Old Singer a Historic Golden Buzzer

AGT Season 16
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America's Got Talent returned to TV on Tuesday for the sixth night of auditions, and the competition continues to shine bigger and brighter than ever! ET is following along throughout the hour-long episode to break down all the best, biggest and most surprising moments.

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum are judging and voting on a whole new slate of AGT hopefuls, who are giving it their all for a shot at moving on to the next round of competition or maybe earning the coveted Golden Buzzer.

Last week, Klum slammed her Golden Buzzer for an amazing, 25-year-old French quick change artist who wowed with her flair for performance and fashion. Tonight, it seems that all four of the judges, and host Terry Crews, will be jointly awarding a Golden Buzzer to one special act.

The fun kicked off 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, and you can follow along with ET for a look at all the acts who gave it their best shot during the fourth week of America's Got Talent.

Victory is Victorious

7:00 PM:

Victory is a 9-year-old singer, who has big dreams.

When she was asked what she'd do with the grand prize, Victory says she'd like to "buy Simon a rainbow shirt that has glitter on it."

She also explains that she's "ex-nervous," which means excited and nervous at the same time. Although you'd never know it from her act.

The judges clearly don't know what to expect, but professional-level Italian opera certainly isn't at the top of the list.

Victory is a virtuoso, and it almost doesn't seem possible that such a voice could come from such a little girl.

"I was not expecting that. And you're angelic," Howie marvels."

When it comes to his feedback, Simon says he wants to talk to Terry, and he calls him over. Together, the judges all whisper quietly in a huddle before addressing Victory again.

Simon surprises the young girl by saying, "We're not going to give you a yes today. We're going to do something we've never done on the show before. We're going to give you something special."

Together all five stars slam the Golden Buzzer, showering the 9-year-old singer in shimmering confetti and bringing her to tears.

Guapacharros Switch It Up and Take It Off

6:51 PM:

There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned male stripper surprise.

When Guapacharros hit the stage, the judges were expecting a talented group of musicians to impress them with their musical chops.

This is exactly what happened -- until they all stopped to strip off their shirts and reveal their impressive abs!

It's a fun act that wins the judges over enough to move on.

Like Mother Like Daughter (With Arrow Tricks)

6:38 PM:

For the judges, when Gigi DeLuxe describes her daughter, Devin, as a "human target," it seemed to make the judges uneasy.

And the act itself is harrowing -- the mom shoots balloons being held by her daughter with a compound bow. It's horribly tense and stressful.

However, Gigi is clearly talented, and she manages not to kill her own daughter! So that's a plus.

Howie feels there's not enough energy or production value, so he votes no, but Simon, Heidi and Sofia love the act and vote yes, meaning we'll see more of this soon.

Breez Carver

6:25 PM:

Little kids overcome with emotion is a hallmark of the AGT experience, and 13-year-old Breez Carver's story of being adopted and her parents encouraging her to express herself and be more confident really seemed to hit the judges in a big way.

Breeze is a dancer, and her performance is beautiful, elegant and beyond her years. It's a powerful, emotional routine that stirs the hearts of the audience and judges alike.

"Breez, that was perfection. You were meant to do this," Sofia says. "You looked like you were floating, that you were enjoying it. You looked beautiful."

Simon says she has "a glow" about her, and kicks things off with the first of four yes votes!

Cam Bertrand Brings the Laughs

6:16 PM:

Cam Bertrand is from Tampa, Florida, and says he's weird -- and that might be true, but he's also incredibly funny.

Ahead of his set, he says he's been doing comedy for 8 years, and it shows through how polished his delivering and timing are.

The judges can't stop laughing -- even Heidi, who seems to rarely laugh at stand-up -- and they all seem to love Cam and his act.

"I think you're really good, and I think you've got a real future in it," Howie says.

"The fact that you are out there doing gigs, you have to do that to get really, really good and I respect that," Simon adds.

The judges give him four yes votes, which means we'll soon get to hear more of his material in the coming rounds.

Matt Mauser Wows the Judges

6:03 PM:

Matt Mauser -- who lost his wife, Christina Mauser, in the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant and six others last year -- hits the stage and stuns the judges.

In a pre-taped package, Matt reflects on his relationship with Christina, and explains how they shared "a dreamy kind of life" together. The pair met in 2004, when Christina saw Matt performing with his band at a dive bar and the pair hit if off.

"She was just this very humble, powerful, beautiful human being," Matt says.

Matt and Christina's three children are at the audition to support their dad from the wings of the stage, and cheer their father on as he begins his number, crooning a soulful cover of Phil Collins' 1984 single, "Against All Odds."

"We felt your emotion," Howie says after the number. "If you're able to move strangers, and we can feel it in our hearts... there aren't words to describe it."

"It was very emotional, very touching," Sofia adds. "Thank you. Thank you for being here."

Moved by his story, his touching performance and inspiring hope for his kids, the judges give Matt the four yes votes needed to move on to the next round of the competition.


Flying Trumpets Wow Simon

5:50 PM:

Alex Ostrovskiy is a fun, lively man who has magically flying trumpets.

It's hard to explain exactly what the act is, but it starkly divides the judges.

Simon and Howie vote resoundingly yes, but Sofia and Heidi each buzz the act and give no votes.

It's heartbreaking, but it's how the show goes. You can't let everyone through! It's worth a watch for its weirdness though.

Burning Through Performances

5:40 PM:

They must be making up time, because they are showing a bunch of successful auditions but not giving them much time.

There was a lip-syncing act that Simon buzzed but everyone else loved, then a slinky artist, which is just a person who is particularly skilled with a Slinky.

Finally, they judges are wowed by a 96-year-old dancer.

Finally, a man named Donovan stunned the judges with his operatic voice that was surprisingly high and unexpected and also gets voted through.

No back story, no emotional bonding, just talented acts getting through. It's very efficient TV.

Chapkidz Came to Shine

5:27 PM:

This dance act, made up of kids between the ages of 12 and 18, are trying to show the judges how much they've been inspired by watching AGT while growing up.

Citing past acts as their major inspiration, the Chapkidz are a well-oiled group dance machine that bring a gymnastic flair and an ethereal, captivating choreography.

"It was really fun. And I loved the music," Sofia marvels.

"You showed up for an audition like you were already in a semifinal or a final," Howie says.

"There's no question this is one of the best dance acts we've had all season," Simon shares.

The group ends up getting four yes votes and they will be moving on to the next round to show off their stuff one more time.


Madilyn Bailey Embraces the Haters

5:17 PM:

Madilyn has long been posting videos to YouTube and then using the ugliness of Internet trolls to make music.

For her audition, she sings an original tune written entirely using the hateful, awful comments left on her YouTube videos by commenters.

The song itself is shockingly powerful, to see how this woman is able to take such vitriol and turn it into something powerful and inspiring.

The best part is having the actual comments pop up along with the lyrics, and it feels honest and powerful.

Surprisingly, Heidi isn't thrilled by the act, but through the convincing of Howie ends up giving her a yes vote. Meanwhile, the other judges are absolutely won over by her and vote yes as well.

Kicking Things Off With a Twirl

5:09 PM:

Joel Claudio is a baton twirler (and a birthday boy) and today he's chasing his dream of representing baton twirling on a big stage.

"This is the stage that gives all these variety acts the chance to show our talent, and I believe this is my time to do it," Joel shares with the judges.

There's clearly some doubt among the judges -- even after the Queen song kicks off -- but Joel gives it his all and the audience seems to really enjoy it.

The act ends up getting a four-judge standing ovation for it's spectacle -- including a mid-act costume change -- and Simon calls it "stunning" and says he has a "fantastic personality."

Joel gets four enthusiastic yes votes and is moving on!

History Is Coming

5:03 PM:

Apparently, tonight is going to be historic!

According to this week's intro, the Golden Buzzer will be special tonight -- and it looks like all four judges and Terry will be slamming it.

Normally these shenanigans to get people excited are sort of silly, but it's exciting to think about what kind of act could get all the judges this excited.

ET recently spoke with host Terry Crews about how this season of America's Got Talent has really brought an entirely new level of energy and excitement after coming back from the pandemic.

"There was a moment when we never knew if we would come back," Crews shared, adding that with the benefit of hindsight, no one -- not the judges or the performers -- took anything for granted this season.

"There was not one ounce of cynicism on the show," Crews explained.

Check out the video below for more on AGT.


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