'America's Got Talent': Simon Cowell Pranks Sofia Vergara With Fake Crossbow Accident!

'America's Got Talent'
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America's Got Talent returned to TV on Tuesday for the fourth night of auditions, and the competition continues to shine bigger and brighter than ever! ET is following along throughout the two-hour episode to break down all the best, biggest and most surprising moments.

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum are judging and voting on a whole new slate of AGT hopefuls, who are risking life and limb for a shot at moving on to the next round of competition or maybe earning the coveted Golden Buzzer.

Last week, host Terry Crews gave out his Golden Buzzer to a Taekwondo demonstration troupe, who wowed the audience with their gravity defying talents and indomitable spirit of competition and resilience.

The fun kicks off 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, and you can watch along with ET for a look at all the acts who gave it their best shot during the fourth week of America's Got Talent.

Simon is Setting Up Sofia for a Real Scare

7:01 PM:

So, the danger act that has been promoted all night? It turns out it's all a big set up by Simon to terrify Sofia (and she has no idea).

Simon got in touch with a comedy danger act duo (who famously messed up in season 11 in spectacular fashion) and set something up that is meant to be a prank.

Even as a prank, this seems super dangerous. And the stunts they are pulling off before Simon is even on stage are already horrifying. They keep shooting balloons out of each other's mouths with crossbows. How do you even practice this sort of thing?

They then say they want help from the judges -- specifically Simon and Sofia. Simon is either acting unsure, or he's had a change of heart, and seems super nervous.

"I'm not chicken, I just value my life," Simon says, when asked if he wants to be a part of the act.

As it turns out, they aren't even the ones shooting the crossbow -- Sofia is! 

Once Sofia is blindfolded, the jig is revealed to the audience, but not Sofia. The crossbow bolt is removed, and the crossbow is empty, but Sofia has NO idea.

The audience does a good job of not giving away the prank, and it's clear the joke is this whole thing is going to "go bad." Especially when we see Simon strapped up with a fake arrow sticking out of his chest.

Sofia fires the crossbow, then there's screaming and horror. Sofia rips off the blindfold and sees Simon, on the floor, with an arrow sticking out of him, and is mortified.

Terry -- playing up the drama -- calls for a medic and runs to Simon's side. Simon moans and calls for Sofia to come to him, before he playful smiles and simply says, "I gotcha!"

Sofia doesn't love being messed with and threatens revenge, but this actually was a solid prank. And a great way to wrap up the fourth night of AGT auditions.

Danila Bim Changes the Game

6:46 PM:

Danila is looking to bring a whole new angle to aerialist performances by suspending herself in the air from her taught ponytail.

The number is impressive, and surprisingly beautiful and meditative considering how wild the act actually is.

The judges all give a standing ovation, and award Danila with praise and four yes votes -- which is the only way this act could end. It's too good to not want more.

Jimmie Herrod Gets a Golden Reception

6:36 PM:

Simon throws this young singer a curveball when Jimmie tells the judges he's going to sing "Tomorrow" from Annie, and Simon tells him it's "my worst song in the world."

This comes as a real blow to Jimmie, who doesn't have any other songs prepped. So he decides to just barrel through.

As it turns out, his voice is so freaking good it doesn't really matter how Simon feels about about the song itself because he's easily one of the best singers the show's had this year.

"Wow, it's not my worst song anymore," Simon says with an amazed laugh. "Unbelievable."

Sofia throws a curveball, saying she didn't like it (to the boos of the audience) before adding, "because I loved it!"

She follows that up with a slam on the Golden Buzzer, making Jimmie's dreams come one step closer to coming true.

Josh Blue Leaves the Judges in Hysterics

6:23 PM:

Josh Blue (who is, like, an established comic?) is bringing his comedy stylings to the stage, and he's unimaginably funny.

Josh has cerebral palsy and it's always played a big role in his act. This material is fantastic and it's incredible, and more than a little inspiring to see him deliver hilarious, self-aware jokes that just slay.

Simon says it's "brilliant," and Howie has no shortage of love for the act. It's a strong showing, and they all vote yes across the board.

The Other Direction Surprises the Judges

6:09 PM:

Billing themselves as "the gayest boy band ever," The Other Direction is a group of five singers -- each with their own role/personality type -- who write some seriously funny songs.

The original song is written for "all the ladies" and while presented like a straight-forward love song, it's clear that the song is all about explaining to ladies that they are gay, much to their lady friend's surprise.

Simon seems less enthusiastic than the rest of the judges -- probably because he's thrown off at first thinking they are a run-of-the-mill boy band -- but clearly appreciates the cleverness of the writing and the presentation.

All around, The Other Direction gets four yes votes and will be moving forward to the next round of competition.

9-Year-Old Magician Baffles the Judges

5:59 PM:

This 9-year-old magic master Shoji has his priorities in order. When asked what he would do with the $1 million grand prize, he says he'd buy some carne asada tacos and a pet dog.

This kid already has our vote.

He's also a close-up magician who has a whole act with disappearing coins (and also he thinks he was legit born with real magic powers, which is just fantastic). He says he is inspired by previous AGT winner Shin Lim -- and we think Shin Lim would be proud.

"I can see into the future, and I can see that you're going to give Shin Lim run for his money one day," Heidi shares.

All the judges are impressed by the precocious prestidigitator and he has a hard time fighting back his tears of joy after getting four yes votes across the board.


Inspirational Singers Seek to Inspire

5:49 PM:

JW's inspiration singers of New York City brings together people from film, TV and theater to perform as a group that spreads a message of togetherness and love.

Blending choir singing, tap dance, powerhouse vocal solos, dancing, and an unexpected song choice, this group is clearly looking to stand out from all other inspiring choirs.

As Terry says before they perform, the group just looks like New York itself, and the vibe definitely has the energy and eclectic quality of the Big Apple itself.

"That was what we call a moment," Simon says after the act. "Taking a song at the right time with the right lyric with the right message, making it your version and really turning those two minutes into a very special moment. It was really, really amazing."

"I think us and everyone that is watching tonight is gonna have goosebumps because it we also spectacular," Sofia says.

The group, as expected, get all yes votes! And it couldn't be more well-deserved.



Yoga Masters Show Extent of Flexibility

5:37 PM:

Two Yoga masters -- an apprentice and an older contortionist -- are trying to prove they can make Yoga an entertaining show.

Basically, this is just a contortionist act, and for some reason Simon buzzes them early on.

But that's before the older man pulls off the true feat of the whole act -- fitting his entire body into a small glass box on a table.

After a lot of effort, he manages to pull it off and even stays in the box for a worryingly long time. All the judges think he's going to die?

After the act, he brings his daughter on stage, and she is in tears over her dad's feat.

Simon takes back his buzzer and the judges all express how impressed they were with him. The judges all end up voting yes, which means we'll be seeing more!

Brooke Simpson is Here to Make Her People Proud

5:26 PM:

Brooke comes from an Indigenous community in New York, and she has a big dream to "become the first major Indigenous pop star."

Brooke is bringing her musical talents to the audition with her husband on the piano.

The vocalist is showing off her larger-than-life voice with a cover of Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You" that is absolutely next-level, and brings massive waves of cheering from the crowd (as well as a four-judge standing ovation).

"I think you have to figure out a way to do this for the rest of your life, because the fun you were having up there, I was so jealous," Sofia says.

Howie calls her a "powerhouse" and Heidi says she has "the whole package" to be a massive star.

Meanwhile, Simon compares listening to her to when he was on American Idol and heard Kelly Clarkson sing for the first time.

Needless to say, Brooke is moving on, and could easily be one of the biggest competitors of the season.

Pam and Casper, a Dog-namic Duo

5:15 PM:

Pam, an office worker from Pasadena, had her musical theater dreams revived by her adorable Chihuahua, Casper.

Simon loves dog acts, so this could be a big hit with him.

According to Pam, Casper is a "singing dog" and she's going to sing with him. 

"I've always said, if you could find a dog that could sing, you'd make a fortune," Simon says, not joking.

She sings "All By Myself" and... well... Casper isn't exactly a great singer. Although he does get more into it as it goes on. It's clearly a comedy bit, and it lands really well with the judges who can't stop laughing. But it's hard to tell if the laughter will translate into yes votes.

"That was one of the most adorable things I've seen in a long time," Sofia says.

Howie tells Pam that Casper is a star and maybe she doesn't even have to be there.

Simon can't stop laughing, and eventually they all vote yes. So... this is going to happen more in the weeks to come.

Are You Ready for a Shuffolution?

5:07 PM:

The first act of the night is introducing the world to professional shuffle dancing with the crew Shuffolution. (Like, a shuffle dancing revolution.)

While they all admit they aren't professional dancers, and they've only been working as a crew for three months, they are undeniably talented, an their act is legit entertaining.

They're all perfectly in sync, they've got some acrobatics thrown in for good measure, and they known to to put on a show.

Its a fun, energetic way to kick off the night, and the standing ovation from the judges has to be nice for the dancers.

Heidi and Howie say they love it, and Sofia praises them for bringing the most energy of any act this season.

"It's hard to put into words what we're looking for... [but] it's you," Simon says.

The group get four yes votes across the board and will be moving on.


Yay for Cross Promotion?

5:03 PM:

We know shows have to make money to afford being on the air, but sometimes product placement isn't even product placement, it's just a straight-up ad in the middle of the content of a show.

Tonight's show's intro is just an extended car commercial, which shows the judges drag racing in sports cars, intercut with clips from tonight's auditions.

It's not exactly subtle, or even slightly subtle, but at least it's not boring?

Last week, ET spoke with Crews about how this season of America's Got Talent has really brought an entirely new level of energy and excitement after coming back from the pandemic.

"There was a moment when we never knew if we would come back," Crews shared, adding that, with the benefit of hindsight, no one -- not the judges or the performers -- took anything for granted this season.

"There was not one ounce of cynicism on the show," Crews explained.

Check out the video below for more on AGT.


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